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Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

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    Re: Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

    Makak, if that's a discussion that has to do with something that happened last year, as per your new rules, ou te Ka fourel nan on post ki te egziste déjà. M sure se on bagay ki te diskitr la anpil
    So why open a new post, with a recent statement, about something that happened last year?
    Anko map dil se msieu ki deside pa patisipe...not the government Se confrere musicien li yo ki konseyel de tone it down a bit this year...not the government. How's the government or Micky himself part of this recent discussion?
    O mwen ou te Ka tann ke kato mete kanaval li deyo, gouvernman an deside li pap bal cha sou base ke yo pa renmen message kanaval la...epi ou tap gen tout rezonw.


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      Re: Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

      oh too bad map been sonje ti lyrics pike li yo
      good luck


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        Re: Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

        Ton lot bagay makak pap janm se entansyonel li fel ou pa, ou pa janm konnen, men se pa message kanaval kato a ki fe yo pat bal char. Se message li tal bay nan radio ke kanaval ap fet lakay li okap et si yo pap bal char lap mete chimere deyo pou fe dezod et detounen feativite yo. Li te deklare ke yap bal char...or else.
        So please let's stop with the nonsense and misleading information


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          Re: Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

          Originally posted by jeankcelestin View Post
          map cherche tou poum we kote bagay yo ap move better a, m poko we li. 4 years after the earthquake, there are still more than 200 thousands people anba tents! Tandis lajean ap gaspiye, chek zonbi a dwat a goch! m we tout koule, sel kle m poko we! Fem we, please
          No body is under the tents everyone I know in Haiti tells me that and I believe it cause I saw it on Facebook from a family of my. and check martelly Facebook all the time the highway is being developed too, people who says martelly is not doing anything don't really have a prove then people who says martelly and the government is not doing anything.


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            Re: Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

            doncue ou panse pou epok kanaval ki pral rive a
            etazini tap kite ayiti sou list danje sa
            kouman airlines yo ta pral fe plis kob
            si touris paka vwayaje lol
            sanseur lekol la finn bay rezilta


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              Re: Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

              Originally posted by FairLady View Post
              When you can show facts that things aren't moving forward in Haiti than I will show facts that things are moving forward slowly but surely. You said you're looking everywhere, no need to look, you can go to Haiti and conduct your own research to find out if things are improving or staying the same.
              FairLady, I just pointed out to you why I don't think anything is changing. Let me tell you again. Unemployment rate stays the same, No electricity improvement, Blackout nan tout peyi a, No improvement in Agriculture, the people are still walking hungry.
              Do you want me to give you more?. Because a government does little something here and there while stealing millions means nothing.. Every government in the world does that. We need real change, big move and bold ideas.
              To have that you need competence, honesty and justice. we're not even close.
              Now show me the change that has happened since your beloved president took power..
              And if you can convince me with something serious he has done, i'll be glad to salute him..
              I don't care who is president of Haiti, All I need is change, justice, Jobs, Security and most importantly, cut corruption and a half after a year being president.. I'll kiss the ground that man walks .
              other than that, get the hell out here..


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                Re: Don Kato to sit out upcoming Haiti Carnival

                Mwen te di nan 6 mwa ankò ti plenyen pou kanaval Haiti yo pral komanse ankò. Right on schedule :lol: :lol: :lol:

                Harmonik will test the BETON in Gonaives this year(according to them) so map tann poum wè...
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