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Thanks to Castro and Chávez, the vision to more than 72,000 Haitians have been restored

Cuban medical specialists in Haiti have revived the "Operación Milagros"
(Operation Miracles), one of the flagship programs of the Haiti-Cuba bilateral collaboration, which has restored vision to nearly 72,000 Haitians. Note that this program, which was specially designed for vulnerable people, unable to afford consultations and surgeries, was forced to suspend its humanitarian activities due to the socio-political crisis in Haiti.
This Humanitarian Program treats Haitians suffering from pterigium and cataracts. Remember that since 2006 5,000 Haitians on average per year have had cataract surgery for free.
Note that this humanitarian project, which was designed by the late revolutionary leaders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, helped improve or restore vision to more than 6 million low-income people in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa .
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