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Gerard Dupervil

I was born in Miragoane, in 1932,known as Malacca, trumpet, harmonica, guitar accordion’s player and singer. Endowed with a melodious voice, I really can hypnotize anyone. At an early age, Frank,my older brother, introduced me to music and with Merilus Pierre-Louis; we founded my first

band, a trio. When I moved to Port-Au-Prince, I attended “La centrale des Arts et Metiers. While there, I had the privilege of sharpen my skills under the tutelage of Augustin Bruno, a great music teacher. In 1950, I was part of Conjunto International with Nemours, Sicot, and Antal Cidas Murat. 

In 1958, I joined the celebrated Jazz des Jeunes. I'm also known as one of the most prolific composers in Haitian music history. 

In  1966, I migrated to Chicago, USA. Thereafter, I produced two albums in which I interpreted some hits of the defunct Dodof Legros such as; Troubadou, Konfyans, Marabou De mon Coeur, and Renmen. 

In the late 80’s, I returned to Haiti... my voice is alive in your hearts and soul. 




Last modified on Thursday, 05 January 2017 13:18
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