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Joe Jack

I born on May 25 1936, in Gonaives...I am a teacher, musician, singer, lyricist, keyboardist and accordionist. Blind at birth, I have never seen a sunrise but has illuminated so many hearts with my love songs. St-Vincent of Port-Au-Prince was the first institution that I attended. From 1955 to

1959, I enrolled at the Perkins School for the blind in Boston, Massachusetts. Then, I went back to Haiti. For 11 years, I served as an English teacher and was, at one point, part of Haitian American Institute faculty. 

In 1972, while vacationing in New-York, realizing my calling to minister through music, I became a professional musician. With my sacred accordion and my melodious voice, I have consistently surpassed your expectations. 

My songs are still being sung today by recent artists and you still sing them as if they were written yesterday. 




Last modified on Thursday, 05 January 2017 13:17
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