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BélO has been hailed as Haiti’s musical ambassador to the world. A socially conscious singer-songwriter with a sophisticated sound and winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious "Prix Radio France International Discoveries of 2006," . BelO’s sound is a sublime mixture of Jazz,

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Worldbeat, Rock, Reggae and Afro-Haitian traditional rhythms known as “Ragganga”. With the two albums already under his belt -“LAKOU TRANKIL” (2005) and "REFERENCE" (2008) - sung in his rich and colorful native language, Haitian Creole, BélO has established himself as a Haitian-International artist signpost. After the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, BélO 's primary focus was to create awareness for his country at various performances around the world. BélO 's third album "HAITI DEBOUT," (Haiti Stand-up -2011) was released under Radio France/France Info and distributed, globally, by Harmonia Mundi. During the "HAITI DEBOUT" tour, BélO has performed in Germany, Rome, Romania, France, South Korea, London, Canada and the U.S.

BélO has always been very committed to the cause of the less fortunate, the education of children, respect for women, social solidarity and environmental protection, peace in Haiti and around the world. 

Involvement of BélO in Haiti: 

Ambassador of the cause of disabled people S.E.P.H, President of Ayiti Mizik (Association of Haitian music professionals), Ambassador of la Francophonie en Haiti (OIF), Ambassador of the environment, Ambassador of Haitian culture, patron of the association "Hope for Haiti", and contributor to UNICEF Haiti children rights, VDH "Volunteers for Development of Haiti and, Spoke person for the Haitian Red Cross and Spoke person of Ministry of Women Human Rights in Haiti.

BélO performed and conducted seminars at many venues across America thanks to Center Stage a public diplomacy initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. 


Press Quotes: 

-“Haitian musician, BélO, has become internationally recognized for his socially conscious songs.” Natasha Del Toro -Frontline World PBS 

-“The crowd was screaming --- like schoolgirls -- for the appearance of BélO, Haiti's most recognizable and revered young music star, in his first return to Haiti since the quake...”Emily Troutman –AOLnews

-“BélO's versatile guitar work and slightly raspy, soulful voice have made a fan of me.” John Oseid -Condé Nast Traveler 


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Last modified on Thursday, 05 January 2017 13:16
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