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Emeline Michel calls her, her student and she's pride to be carrying this title. She just released her first album "Emotions", which has received rave reports from music connoisseurs in Haiti. The CD has 10 titles, including tracks from invited artists, Jean Jean Roosevelt, BIC and Katalog of Gabel. 

She will be signing her CD in New York June 28th at KINANM in Brooklyn, where she will also be performing with many other artists:

We invite you to listen to 2 clips:




Se Bon" is the first song from Riva's upcoming album "Perle De Culture" (Cultured Pearl) set to be released in early 2015. A seamless fusion of Racine/Roots, World Music, Jazz and African tones. 

After almost 5 years, Kreyol La drops their latest album titled INVICTUS ... Listen to 3 Hot tracks from the hits loaded record 

Kreyol La _ Before & After 

Kreyol La _ Turn Me On feat TMD (TMichel Dulix)   

Kreyol La _ Cheri Map File'w



2 New singles from Disip:

Limina and Ba'm nouvel






HB Musics