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Haitian saxophonist, arranger and band leader Raoul Guillaume was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1927. A schoolmate of another great Haitian artist, Guy Durosier, Guillaume attended St Louis Conzague. He was a member of Orchestre Saieh with Guy Durosier and many other talented musicians such as Charles Dessalines, Rene Ferdinand, Joe Trouillot and Ansy Derose.

Webert Sicot (1930 - February 1985) was a Haïtian sax player, composer and band leader. He is recognized as one of the creators of konpa dirèk, a style of Haïtian dance music born in the 1950s. Biography: Sicot was born in Port-au-Prince, Haití, in 1930. He took his first musical lessons from

Third child of a family of four children, Nemours was born on February 2, 1918, and died on May 18, 1985, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After the premature death of his parents, Lucia, dressmaker, and Clément Jean-Baptiste, shoemaker, Nemours and his brothers and sister, André, Monfort and

I am a multi-talented and accomplished young Haitian musician. Born into a family deeply rooted in traditional Afro-Haitian music, I am continuing my family legacy, while embracing music of other lands. I began drumming at a very young age beside my father Bonga, a master of the Haitian


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