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I was born in Haiti, in Port-au-Prince.  I am the second child in a total of five boys.  Our father, was a renowned musician and painter.  

I am a versatile Haitian singer and organist whom Edith Piaf once called ''the living breath of Haiti." 

I am The baby of a family of 8, I grew up listening to the guitar playing and singing of big brothers, Robert and Gabriel. Too young to be involved in this kind of activity, I used to be kept away when family members and friends got together to have fun in the family’s house. First born brother

I am a native of Petion-ville, I am a trumpeter, trombone’ player, song writer, and arranger. I attended Lycee Petion-Ville and was part of the school band with Isnard Douby, Herman Nau, and his older bother Fred. 


HB Musics