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I was  born in Port-de-Paix in 1947, I'm known as one of the great singers in the Haitian history. After completing my studies in my native city, I migrated to Petion-Ville. While there, I joined the Ibo Negro Band and subsequently was recruited to join another band, that will become the international identity of Compas music around the word...we are often called, the ambassador of Haitian music. 

I was born in Port-au-Prince on March 21, 1919. I am known affectionately as Mamita, came to fame in Haiti during the 1940s, most notably during Port-au-Prince’s bicentennial festivities in 1949. As a child, I sang at the Port-au-Prince Cathedral and, in 1942, began my professional career with folkloric concerts at the Rex Theatre, where I was often accompanied by fellow singer-dancer Emérantes Despradines. 

BélO has been hailed as Haiti’s musical ambassador to the world. A socially conscious singer-songwriter with a sophisticated sound and winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious "Prix Radio France International Discoveries of 2006," . BelO’s sound is a sublime mixture of Jazz,

I born on May 25 1936, in Gonaives...I am a teacher, musician, singer, lyricist, keyboardist and accordionist. Blind at birth, I have never seen a sunrise but has illuminated so many hearts with my love songs. St-Vincent of Port-Au-Prince was the first institution that I attended. From 1955 to


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