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This sprawling ensemble was born in the wake of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. With the tiny Caribbean republic in chaos and swept by cholera, musicians Steeve Valcourt and Jonas Attis imagined a group that could be an antidote to harsh times, an act of national

If you have not picked up a copy of Riva Nyri Précil's new children's book in Haitian Creole "Anaëlle ak Lasirèn", you better hurry and pick up your copy to share with your children, grand-children, nephews and nieces or friends.

Progressive house DJ and producer Michael Brun has connected with non-profit Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) to raise money for the arts in his home country, Haiti.


Olivier Martelly's latest video "Let Love Take Us Away" ft. Sean Paul and  Jahfe




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