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She was one of the first model that I interviewed when we started Haitianbeatz.com in our fashion/beauty section as our "beauty of the month", she had just begun her career 2 years earlier. We decided to bring back Nathalie (Tico) Armand back, because of all the progress she had made during those past 5 years. I must also remind everyone, she is a former HMI artist, vocalist who used to be with the all female group Desire.

Kiki, also known by her real name Widline Barthelemy  She was born in St. Marc, Haiti and moved to the United States in her mid-teens. She started modeling in her late teens and in October 2008, represented Haiti in the Reina Hispanoamericana beauty pageant where she won Miss Congeniality.

Sharon Pierre-Louis is a multilingual Haitian-American fluent in Kreyol, American Sign Language, and conversational French. She is a classical/Opera singer and has 5 siblings, including a Deaf older brother. She discovered her love of acting after performing a Langston Hughes poem in the 6th


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