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International Super Model: Tico

She was one of the first model that I interviewed when we started Haitianbeatz.com in our fashion/beauty section as our "beauty of the month", she had just begun her career 2 years earlier. We decided to bring back Nathalie (Tico) Armand back, because of all the progress she had made during those past 5 years. I must also remind everyone, she is a former HMI artist, vocalist who used to be with the all female group Desire.

HB- How long have you been modeling?

TA- I’ve been modeling for over 9 years.


HB- Please give a quick overview of the type of modeling you have done. You can describe jobs you have done, what type of modeling you specialize in, photographers you’ve worked with, etc?

TA- Well I’m a model that specializes in editorial and beauty. My work has been published worldwide from Haiti to Dubai. I’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with some very prominent photographers in the industry just to name a few, Tarrice Love, Dallas Logan, Laretta Houston, Natasha Kertes, Jerris Madison, James David, Hanif Abdur and the list goes on…


HB-You got the look and found the right photographer. Did you always want to be a model or was it just something that you stumbled upon?

TA- wouldn’t be quick to say that I always wanted to be a model however what I always knew was that I was madly in love with the lens of a camera, such intimacy to be able to convey a story with a still shot.


HB- What would you say is your best feature and why?

TA-My cheeks that look like de bo’bouda embracing the east and west side of my face, lol.


HB- Did you ever think during the start of your career that you would become one of the top newcomers?

TA-I don’t consider myself a newcomer anymore but I will agree I never thought it would be to this magnitude, to God all the praise as he ordered my steps.


HB-Ok, LOL, What are your hobbies?

TA-My hobbies are singing, writing poetry, working out, cooking, shopping and dancing.



HB- Tell us one thing that even your close friends would be surprised to know about you?

TA-That I’m very timid yet I’ve well rehearsed getting into character.


HB- Give us one of your Fashion or Beauty tips that readers can put into use?

TA-A glass of water with lemon juice at night and early morning cleanse your system.


HB- Give us any 3 items you cannot live without?

TA-My Ipad, Ipod and Carmax. A well-moisturized lip is EVERYthing!!


HB- What music do you have is in your IPod right now?

TA-Beyoncé, Carimi, John Legend, Lauren Hill< Kanye West and Jay-Z


HB-In your opinion what are the negatives and positives of modeling?

TA-You’re exposed to everything and it’s up to you to filter what will be beneficial to your career and what will hurt it.


HB- By your opinion, what made you stand out as a new model?

TA-My rebellious, intimidating yet sensual attitude and appearance. 


HB- You just came back from fashion week in New York; tell us about the backstage during fashion week?

TA-It’s always chaotic!! Media, hair, makeup the back and fourth it like a page out of a reality show but I love it.


HB- How do designers decide which girl will be wearing a certain outfit? Do new girls get better pieces, or do superstars have demands? Is the organization of a huge show like Valentino different to shows of other designers?

TA- The process is pretty much the same unless you’re a designer’s muse. You go to the casting you try different pieces and the designer decides what they feel your body type compliments best for their line. It’s a pretty simple process. No such thing as diva’s, superstars being demanding and quite honestly if you’re a model with such attitude I rather you stay home.



HB- Were you ever told to change something about yourself during fittings or castings?

TA-Ha, I’ve heard it all from we need you to lose more weight to I wish you were a lighter complexion. 


HB- Now that your career is on the up, do you get different treatment in the industry?

TA-I do but there is also the down side to that. Everything you do is under a microscope and you pretty much belong to the public so it’s important to have people around you that connect with you outside all the hype.


HB- How do you maintain your skin?

TA-Lots of water!


HB-What made it so special?

TA-I get those fairly often and it makes me feel like I’m doing something right, Whenever I receive a message from someone letting me know I’m their inspiration or they wish for their child to emulate my footsteps, it makes my whole world smile.


HB- Name 3 types of photos you think every model should have in their His/her portfolio. (Could be poses, themes, etc.)

TA- Head shot (very clean and minimal makeup)

Polaroid shot displaying you with no gimmicks

At least one tear sheet to show you’re a working model 


HB- Is there a mistake you’ve seen other beginning models make that You would want to warn other newbies about?

TA- Yes, don’t shoot just to have pictures. It’s not about the number of images you have it’s about the quality of your work so be wary of that. Not every mojo with a camera will benefit your portfolio.


HB- What are your goals for your modeling? What’s next for you?

TA- My face is my pride and possession. I want to be able to feed millions around the world with just my look. I’m ready to showcase the ugliness that the media slaps in our face as Haiti, is also the same Haiti they pay to go see on a runway, or book for their shoots, the same Haiti they hope to get acquainted with and be captivated by her beauty. I am the face of my country and I hold that in high regards.


HB- What do you think is the best way for new models to turn their Interest in modeling into a career that pays the bills?

TA-I don’t believe there is a direct or a best method to reach that height. It’s all about hard work, going to castings, being professional and getting the job done right.


HB- Many young women are watching America's Next Top Model and similar modeling shows and dreaming of becoming a model themselves. Having worked as a model for many years now, how would you compare what we see on the TV show to real life?

TA- It’s all about ratings when it comes to America’s Next Top Model. You have to understand although Tyra was one of the best to represent us she is now a business-woman therefore the perspective is not the same even though the show is about fashion and modeling. Those types of shows are more so on attitude, drama, and being remembered not necessarily for your work but for the entertainment you brought on screen.



HB- How do you market yourself as a model?

TA- As a model your physical appearance is the best way to market yourself. It speaks before your mouth dance. I’m always mindful that I am a product and I must always be well polished and ready to convince with very little talk.


HB- Who do you market yourself to? (Photographers, ad agencies, art directors, etc.)

TA- I use to market myself on my own and although I still do, my agency handles most of that now. Not to photographers but to ad campaigns, directors, producers, cosmetics lines…etc 


HB - Do you feel that being represented by an agency is important?

TA-Being represented doesn’t guarantee a working model however when you can get with an agency where your booker admire you…hmm, let’s just say you will be a very happy model, lol!


HB- In your geographic area, what types of modeling do you think offer the greatest opportunities for new models?

TA- Quite honestly you have new models that come in the industry blowing out the ones that’s been there for years. When you know what you’re doing and what is expected of you everything is possible.


HB- Garcelle Beauvais recently stated on an interview that she’s open to date Haitian man, which caused an instanced debate on Haitianbeatz, do you date Haitian men or if not are you open to the idea as well?

TA-I’m open to that however I’m such a selective creature. It would be nice to date a Haitian man that can pick up on the simple things that only a Haitian would understand especially when it comes certain form of jokes.


HB- You are also a good writer; I had a chance to listen to you reading one of your exotic poems at one of my show “Ayiti Deploge “in Miami…Can you just put together a few poetic words on behalf of Haitianbeatz’ readers?

TA-“….And if I dipped my hands in blood for love,

Could you blame me, would you judge me?

Well judge all you want

Because you couldn’t fit my shoe

Let alone walk a mile in it.

When his infidelity broke out like the cholera in Haiti

Where were you to save me from my drowning tears?”


HB- What’s the funniest thing that has happened on set during a modeling shoot?

TA-I almost passed out with a $7000 dress on on top of a rooftop photo shoot. Five minutes later I pretended as if it never happened and asked the shoot continue.


HB- So, what would it take for a guy to win your heart?

TA-I’m a sucker for romance and laughter. However a guy taller than me in great shape speeds the process, lol.


HB- If you had to pick the ultimate photo shoot what and where would it be?

TA- In Haiti, displaying the treasures of true beauty. I have the concept ready however can’t speak on it because I want to make it happen eventually.


HB- What is the most important thing that a girl should do to present herself well in castings?

TA- Simple, clean, minimal makeup with your book and comp card in hand.


HB- Final words to the readers?

TA-The success behind the name “Tico Armand” is in correlation to my most intimate relationship with my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. He made it possible when no one else believed. I’m still learning and that’s the beauty of life and this industry. You can always stay up to date with me via www.ticoarmand.com , Fb or Instagram.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about my story and honestly, I’m just a big kid enjoying the runway of life with my heels in one hand, my heart in the other and my head angled for success.


HB Thank you Tico

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