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Daylys: Actress & Model

Model and actress Daylys may call Pennsylvania home, but she was born and raised in Haiti (she immigrated to New York in 1999). She is signed to the Hartland Modeling Agency and Wilhelmina PA. You may have caught a glimpse at her while watching such TV shows as “Deception”, “Royal Pains”, and “CSI New York”.


A graduate of Pace University in Manhattan, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Management from that school. As if her resume isn’t interesting enough, she once worked for a charter airline, that flew US soldiers all over the world.

She is a born leader and serves as the ambassador for the Haitian American Veteran Association (known as HAVA). She has feature roles in two films being released next year: London Calling and The Other Woman. Last year, she traveled to southeastern Europe to represent Haiti at the Models International Pageant being held there. 

Haitianbeatz.com sat with Miss Daylys for this little chat.

HB- Who is Daylys? 

D- That is a great question. I have spent many years trying to ask myself the same question. But, I can tell you that I am loyal, confident, assertive, decisive, generous, and a persistent young woman who goes after what she wants and fight what she believes in. I look out for my family, my friends and have no fear confronting anyone who is trying to disrespect them or ruin their reputations. Each day, I try to be the best person that I can be and I live my life to the fullest. 


HB- Tell us about your family background? 

D- I was born and raised in Haiti. I immigrated in NYC in 1999. I was raised by a single mother name Florence. My father died before I was born. I have an older brother name Jean-Romax and a younger sister name Martine that I love dearly. 


HB- How did you become a model? 

D- Modeling was something that I have always wanted to do when I was home in Haiti. When I first came here in 1999 I taught I would model full-time but it was a wakeup call for me due to the fact that this industry has so many people who want to be agents. When in fact all they care about is, how much money they can take from immigrants like me who has no knowledge of the industry? After spending so much money in what so call agencies, I decided to educate myself about the modeling industry and this country as a whole. After I graduated at the University, I gave modeling another try and the rest was history. 


HB- What’s it like being a model? Tell us your daily regime. 

D- To tell you the truth, I see myself more like a role model than your typical model. Because being a model have too many restrictions with what they eat.  In fact, I don’t want to be a model. I like good food and I love to eat so, my philosophy is eating what I want and excise regularly. That way, I will always be in good shape and at the same time enjoying my life. 

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