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Klass: "Fè'l vini avan"

Artist: Klass

Title: Fè’l Vini Avan

Year: 2013




Yo Towing Ou | 6m22s | 116 BPM


A song intro is supposed to build anticipation, but these first fifty seconds–with dog snarl, Pipo and Richie yapping, laughing, screaming anmwéé, Auto-Tune galore–serve as reminder for why I turn my nose up to today’s bands. I’ve found that such shenanigans don’t usually lead to good or even interesting songs. This opening track doesn’t do much to help disprove that theory. If Richie wants to hear an effective intro, I recommend Tabou Combo’s Aki Yoko, which also illustrates how to double synth and guitar. Are they really singing “Men Pozo?”. Oh dear!



You Don’t Want Me | 5m57s | 86 BPM


I like the synth pad in the beginning; I wish it played a more prominent role and not be so buried when it did get used. Lyrics are the typical love-soap-opera tale [Arly-esque]. Ladies who are fans of this schmaltzy style will definitely sing along, but there’s no killer hook that’ll stick in their heads. My interest took a leave of absence right around 3m00s; the remaining 2m57s are filled with haughty keyboard playing and more rambling vocals from Pipo.



Fè’l Vini Avan | 5m26s | 100 BPM


As I listened, I couldn’t help but wonder how many spoiled regions I’d need to cut out of this animal before it’s fit for human consumption. Some of the suggestive lyrics, cut; tons of digital synth presets, cut; female vocals that sound as if coming from hired “lady entertainers” at a bachelor party, cut; hideous keyboard solos, large deep cut. Pipo’s singing does not require a cut, but I honestly will not miss it if it’s not there. You know, at this point, I risk slicing my pinkie off if I continue cutting; there’s no meat left on this carcase.



Pitit Deyò | 6m00s | 86 BPM


Vocals: Richie

In the role of illegitimate child, Richie does a fair amount of preaching and whinging. By the end of verse two, I’d had more than my fair share of his sob story and had already heard all I needed to hear as far as the music is concerned. “Papa’m vlé supòté’m / Men madanm li opozé / ay no way / Paske m’sé pitit deyò.” Anything beyond that might as well be sound from a coffee grinder; it’s best tuning it out. This song is Exhibit A for why I believe the synthesizer is one of the worst things to ever happen to Konpa. My Goodness!



Priyorite | 5m46s | 98 BPM


Badly written lyrics about getting our priorities straight “pou Haïti ka chanjé”. I’m surprised we didn’t get the good ol’ “Maché main dans la main” in there. The horns would have lifted this average track if only they were arranged by someone who knows good Konpa horns. These nu-producers definitely need a consultant in that department. Someone with the Dejean last name, perhaps? These guys think keyboard solos are pistach griyé tou kalé; they just can’t keep their hands off. If I’m in the Mr. Producer’s chair, I’m cutting most of it to make room for a bigger trumpet presence. Fading things out with a fifteen second trumpet part is a strange decision.





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