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Skah Shah Evolution: Mini Review

I have two things to say about this project. 1, Cuban needed something out there, no matter what and regardless of the format and presentation. As someone who earned my musical ears listening to Skah Shah, my expectation is always very high when the name Shah Shah is mentioned. So I am always careful to differentiate between a genuine Skah Shah product and one by a Skah Shah Product. And this is simply what this is: a product (the CD) by a Skah Shah Product (Cubano). Many have said that Cubano IS Skah Shah, I forcefully disagree with that characterization. One may recognize Skah Shah by the voice of Cubano but Skah Shah is (was) more than the voice of Cubano. Cubano released one of the best Konpa Albums of all times, "L'Essence". L'Essence was a great product but it was not a Skah Shah product. It was a product by a Skah Shah Product.

2, Producing for Cubano, simply based on prior materials, is not a simple task and it requires more than the ability to play an instrument or knowing your way around the most recent audio recording software. There are certain intangibles that have nothing to do with music itself. Beyond melody, orchestration and arrangements have to be on par. Beyond lyricism, content has to be profound and meaningful. You have to focus beyond groove production to something both more complex and more durable. Something that is associated with a man that has been a representative of quality for almost 50 years should not sound like the flavor of the day. It should sound like the man himself: ageless, tasteful, complex but not complicated, honest, and most of all, respectful both of the man's established legacy in the genre and of posterity. Whether this release accomplished all of that is a matter of opinion.


Last modified on Thursday, 05 January 2017 12:11

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