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Listen to 3 songs from Zenglen's latest album "Rezilta Pi rèd"



Artist: Klass

Title: Fè’l Vini Avan

Year: 2013




I Ain’t Got No Worries | 6m15s | 112 BPM

– Imagine every time you buy a dozen paté haïtien, you’re forced to toss out the first one you bite into because it always tastes awful. Well, that’s similar to what I’ve been experiencing with recently released Konpa albums. The first song is guaranteed to be ill-conceived, upbeat, and with lyrics typically only the band’s inner circle would lose their heads over.






Ah yes, it's been quiet in here these past couple of weeks because I was busy compiling this list.  Hundreds of hours of listening, days of writing, and more days spent on formatting and presentation.  I can tell you, it was no small task.  Someone needs to start paying me for this stuff!


Intro | 1m24s

Have your intro track if you so desire, but it doesn’t have to always be named “Intro”.


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