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For the pass couple of months, I have been toying with the idea of being a vegetarian. No reason in particular, simply as a way to force myself to broaden my food choices. I asked myself, if really I couldn't eat chicken, fish,* cabrit* or pork, what would I eat? I challenged myself to find out.

As I was sitting over at my uncles house on Christmas eve surrounded by what appeared to be the last supper, I could not help but smile. As my eyes digested the scene, I scanned the table to see *Macaroni au gratin*, *du riz-ak djon djon*, rice and red beans, white rice, black bean sauce, *salad russe*, potato salad, fried

I figured I would take this opportunity to talk about an issue that’s been itching to be typed: How to be a good party guest. Communion season is probably the biggest party season in the Haitian community. Many people look forward to the festivities, the music, the food, and the camaraderie.

For those that love to entertain summer presents the perfect occasion to gather with family and friends. And no better function provides a better atmosphere to do so than the famous outdoor BBQ. However, the BBQ has gotten a bad rap as something very informal, small and sometimes

I woke up this morning with the oddest of cravings. Malta avek let. A concoction I haven’t had in well over 10 years. With that thought, other food related thoughts sprung to mind, and then the memories started to get clearer. The older I get the more I am grateful for the small aspects of my


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