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10 Biggest Sex Turn-Ons for Women

Woman are different one from another. For a particular woman to be sexually attracted to you and want to be sexually intimate in a deep and meaningful way, she has to feel that her individual sexual needs will be met by the sexual experience. She may even be attracted to you in all other

areas but if her sexual instincts don’t pick up what she’s looking for sexually, forget about sex with her. She may keep you around for a “good friend” because you meet all the other criteria for a “great lover” , but that’s as far as it gets. And if you are in a relationship/married and you fell to “measure up sexually”, you get too many “I’m not in the mood” and all the other criticisms of your sexual abilities almost every single time you try to get all hot and groovy.

So what turns her on? Again, women are different from another, but there are some common needs that almost all women share and things that turn them on big time:

1-A man who makes her feel beautiful just for who she is…in and out of the bedroom. One who does not just think “my woman is beautiful” but makes his admiration known verbally and non-verbally.

2-A man who makes her feel “safe” and treats her feel like she’s a vital part of his very existence and not just a favorite sperm dumpsite.

3-A man who does not shy away from public display of affection (PDA moments). One who looks at her the way President Obama looks at Michelle.

4-A man who listens, ask questions, takes directions and is willing to be sexually educated about a woman’s body. One who understands that no two women are alike and a woman’s sexual needs depend on her mood or immediate environment.

5-A man who knows the “right places” to touch and when; one who cares whether she’s enjoying the experience because her needs are being met.

6-A man who is pleasure oriented rather than performance oriented. One who is not driven by “let’s get it on” (ah! Ah! Ah!) but rather is completely 100% (uhm) involved in the process.

7-A man who understands that foreplay and afterplay are just as important- if not more important to a woman.

8-A man who understand that there are many other ways a woman can have an orgasm and not just through intercourse. One who knows how to pleasure her without necessarily having sexual intercourse.

9-A man who is not obsessed with his own body. One who is not into himself that he spends more time admiring/doing himself than he does admiring/doing her.

10-A man with good hygiene. Need I say more?


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