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Thank you to Anedie Azael, Magali Febles, and Chris Puesan! A lot of people used to the name “Anedie Azael” how to forget this beautiful young Haitian woman who represented Haiti in three world biggest Pageant? Miss Universe, Miss International in Japan, and Miss Café in Columbia.



However, some may ask who Magali Febles is? Who Mr. Puesan is? Mrs Febles and Mr. Puesan are respectively director of Miss Universe Haiti and Miss World/International Haiti Franchise, both Dominicans.

Haitians should be thankful to them for investing their own money most of the time for the participation of Haiti in those prestigious contests. Nevertheless, no Haitian should ignore we are talking about “representing Haiti” in the world biggest pageants.

“Experience Haiti” this is the new slogan of the government, and a lot of people have joined the idea of showing the positive sides of Haiti.  Isn’t it a great opportunity to show off the positive sides of Haiti? Why not put this energy on those young Haitian figures who are representing Haiti all over the world via International Pageants?

I lived the experience with Anedie in Japan, she did a great Job by the way, but she could have done better with a team and more supports.  The government and the private sector should use their influence more for a better representation of our misses and of Haiti.

Miss World –Haiti Ms Ketsya is currently in Indonesia, representing Haiti, she left with no real supports, No press conference, no au revoir from our officials, etc. Miss Universe will be held in November and we do not have one yet because of lack of sponsors said Magali. Do I have to recall everybody what happened with Miss Universe Haiti last year? Ms. Christela has mentioned that she’s not at school because there were no schools left in Haiti after the earthquake. That was not a good representation of Haiti.


The reality of our misses is unfortunately not the best one when it comes to sponsors, training or support from the Public. Haiti Tourism Inc. was the first and the unique organization to launch free media campaign, PR services and free HD video blog for Miss Haiti. Not to mention that our campaign helped her win Miss popular contest with over 2 million votes last year in Japan.

International Pageants are the real deal when it comes to exposing the potentials of a country. I hope the government and the private sector understand that. Dominican Republic takes advantage of this and people from DR government and the private sector understand how to a pageant to benefit the tourism and economic sector of their country. A simple look at the last Miss Universe Dominican Republic pageant can give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

To conclude, I think it is the best time to support our young misses, to use those contests as a veritable canal to expose Haiti the best way we can. We are going to play our part, please play yours and let’s put Haiti to the next level.

If you want to help Miss Haiti Universe, please go to : https://www.facebook.com/Misshaitiuniverse2012


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