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Vee Interviews Misty Jean

We continue our interview series: "Artist Interviewing Artist", with Vee of the goup Zin interviewing solo female artist Misty Jean. 

VeeWhat inspired you to do music?

Misty- I have been inspired to do music since I was a kid. I was born to do music.

VeeAt what age did you start singing?

Misty- I started at a very early age when I was a kid. I used to sing for candy and cookies.

VeeWhen did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Misty- I knew I wanted to be a singer when I sang for the first time in front of five hundred persons for my birthday. At that time I sang “Un-break my heart”.

VeeThe first time you performed on stage, how did you feel?

Misty- The first time I performed on stage I felt that I had something to prove to my mom, to the public that was watching me and also to myself. It was a wonderful experience.

Vee- How long did it take you to feel free on stage? To impose yourself?

Misty- To be honest with you, since the beginning, I always felt free on stage. There is one thing about life though, it is always a learning experience and day after day I realized there is always something that I can do better.

VeeBeing in the HMI, we all know there are a lot of rumors, a lot of nonsense talk, did you experience that? If so, how did you deal with it

Misty- You are right about that. At first, it used to bother me to see how people that don’t really know you would talk about you but right now it doesn’t bother me anymore. If it is a positive criticism, I will use it to better myself.

VeeI've seen your mother with you a few times, has she always been supportive of your musical career?

Misty- My mother is a blessing in my life, she is my rock and she is my all….And she has always been very supportive of my choice.

VeeDo you see yourself crossing over to the AMI?

Misty- Yes I do see myself crossing over to the AMI. I always thought that if you have talent language can’t be a barrier. I’m actually working on my English album to be released at the end of 2009.

Vee- Being a female artist, what are some of the challenges do you take on?

Misty- Being a female is already a challenge in our industry and being a solo female artist is even a greater challenge since we are not used in the Kompa Music Industry to have a female artist as a lead singer or having a female artist having her own band.

VeeChoose one word to describe yourself? Why?

Misty- I would describe myself as simple. I just don’t like to complicate things.

VeeDo you have any role models? If so, who?

Misty- My Mom is my role model.

Vee- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Misty- Five years from now I see myself crossing to the American market. I also see myself as the first female solo artist to make it in the HMI. Finally, I also see myself as an example for encouraging more Haitian female artists to step out and show their talent and be accepted.

VeeAs an artist, how would you like to be remembered as?

Misty- Even though I am still very young, I would like to be remembered as the one who open doors for more female artists in our community. I also would like to be remembered as the female artist who crossed over to the American market and for the one who gave hope to my people.

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