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Fabrice Rouzier Interviewing Robert Martino

We continue with our series "Artist Interviewing Artist. This one is a very interesting one where two legendary musicians, Fabrice Rouzier who is the interviewer and Robert Martino the interviewee exchange some very interesting information. 

Fabrice-Robert you are , without a doubt, one of my favorite musicians worldwide. First, because, you are in my mind the first superstar that i ever witnessed playing in front on my eyes and secondly because you have pioneered many of the positive things that other artists worldwide consider fashionable today. You are one of the very first Haitian artists to SUCCESSFULLY incorporate world influences like latin jazz and rock in Haitian music. 
How difficult or easy is it for you to come up with solos that everyone can sing note for note? 

Robert-I tried in my solos to play as a sax player that is my secret. I also try to not play too fast, this way everybody could be abble to remember or sing the lines from the chords.

Fabrice- You have influenced so many musicians : Claude Marcelin, Makarios Cesaire, Keke Belizaire... Who were your influences worldwide and in Haiti? 

Robert- Since I was very young I used to listen to both guitar players from Nemours and Sicot; right after that some friends from school introduced me to the world of Rock and Roll with Jimmy Hendrix , Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana and finally Peter Frampton and Andy Summers from The Police, those were my influences and I added a Compas flavor to it.

Fabrice- Why did you choose the guitar as your main instrument rather than pick the bass or the drums?

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Last modified on Saturday, 09 January 2016 18:39

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