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Armstrong Jeune Puts Nia On The Spot

Armstrong Jeune put Nia on the spot with some very interesting questions; you'll learn for the first time whether Nia is still engaged...or if there is a wedding date...what's her opinion on the latest changes surrounding the group Zin...her status with the band and much more...


AJ- When did you first realize that you had talent?

Nia- I would have to say probably when I was 7 years old, I just remember enjoying singing and whenever I would sing and my family would always praise me; especially my mom and she was very sincere about it and that’s when I started to take notice of myself.

AJ- How did you get started in the HMI?

Nia- I was introduced to the Zin guys at a party in Miami through a cousin and a mutual friend of theirs; from there they asked me if I could sing and I did and the rest was history from that point on.  I was invited to join the band and I did…here I am.

AJ- Who is your inspiration? Why?

Nia- I would say God, because God gave me the talent and through him everything is possible. Physically my inspiration is all aspect of music, I’m a music lover…I listen to Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Patti Labelle and many other great female singers…I pay attention a lot to the old time female singers…Diana Ross.

AJ- What is your current status with the group Zin? It appears as though

You are not a full time member of the band.

Nia- I’m still in Zin, circumstances, have not permitted me to perform as much as I would love to and the band itself is not performing as much as they would love to or they used, but I’m still in the band.

AJ- What is your opinion about all of the hearsay transition that is taking place within the Zin group regarding the rumors about Alan leaving, Sandra handing in her resignation,Vee being on call etc…?

Nia- (lol) When there are people within a group with different views and opinion, rumors get started…but people are looking from the outside, they don’t know exactly what is going on in the inside…Zin is at a stage right now where they are trying to come up with solutions to make a good comeback…and some of the decision that they will make will not be positive through the public’ eye…but it is just business decision that they have to make to survive and make the comeback that they are looking to make.  The band is going through a lot and I hope that people would understand the tough decisions; after all, this is a business.

AJ- What other projects are you working on?

Nia- The album is almost done, and we have a strict deadline for spring of 09. (On a side note the story about me having problem with Misty was totally fabricated, there was no such thing).  I’m working very hard to beat the Spring 09 deadline.

AJ- What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

Nia- First the album and a lot more to come in term of the way I would perform it live and I’ll do my best to keep the struggle going for Haitian females artists to be better respected.

AJ- What advice would you give to a Haitian female artist who aspires to make it in the HMI?

Nia- Even though I did not do it from the beginning, I regret it and I’m in the process of doing it now…any new female artist out there, please learn how to play an instrument…either guitar, keyboard, piano, violin, it will help a lot…for example I do write some of my own songs, but sometimes I feel if I knew how to play an instrument, I could have given more to the song than having a producer work on it for me.  Be respectful to yourself so you can get the respect back from the general public.  Don’t get trapped from the male dominated industry, asking you for sexual favors to help you out or to get you ahead.  Your self-respect and dignity should be your primary focus.

AJ- People want to know more about Nia… what’s a typical day like inNia’s world?

Nia- Wow! It varies, every day is different, right now I have my hands in a couple of different pots, Nia’s day is very much family focused, I have my nephew (my baby) that I look after and my Mom whom I live with…very family focused at the moment beside my other extra curricular activities.

AJ- Are you single, still engaged or do we have a wedding date?

Nia- I’m not married, there is no wedding date so therefore I’m single.

AJ- What was your most embarrassing moment during a performance or public appearance?

Nia- There are two, one of them I remember it was snowing going to perform in Brooklyn, and I had just bought those boots, never tried them during a snow…her I am walking in the club toward the musicians and I slipped and failed right on my behind…and I stood on the floor for at least a minutes because I was too shocked to get up…and the guy were laughing their butt off.

The second incident, was on stage I was wearing a top that has to show cleavage, so I did not wear a bra, but instead those stick on bra insert (that’s for people who don’t have big breasts)…while dancing getting into the groove one of them fell on the floor; I wasn’t sure if the audience saw it, but the musicians were dying laughing at me.

AJ- If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?

Nia- Patti Labelle, she seems so warm, I was watching her on PBS, the other night and I said to myself, this is the type of person I would love to have as a mentor to have a heart to heart conversation with about her career and advise for someone like me.

AJ- Do you have any parting words for your fans?

Nia- Nia loves the fans and without the fans there would be no Nia.  I want you to continue to support me and Haitian music in general.  Thanks Armstrong for those tough questions- I didn’t know you were a journalist as well.

Last modified on Saturday, 09 January 2016 18:38

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