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Saskya gained her first prominence in the entertainment industry when she entered BlackPlanet.com’s worldwide contest “One Minute to Shine”. Entrants had to post online a one minute video of them singing. The winner would be determined by the website’s visitors. Saskya wowed the audience with her first recorded song ever Touch Me. After all the votes were tallied, Saskya was announced as the first place winner.

Yanick Etienne is no stranger to the music scene. The attractive vocalist started singing professionally since 1979. Her singing style combines jazz, soul and Caribbean flavors to make a completely unique sound: her own.

When I received the go ahead from Raoul Denis Jr. to conduct this interview, I was very thrilled and really wanted this interview to be special and very well conducted.  I could have done it, but I felt that

A native of Haïti, Gasman Pierre, better known as Gazman Couleur, was born on August 22nd, in Gonaïves. Passionate about football, he dreamt of becoming a professional player, but a knee injury changed his path and led him to the microphone.Gazman cherished the dream of being a singer

Katalog of Gabel did not waste anytime to challenge Olivier of DAT7 with some direct questions...here's the exchange:

We are bringing back our hot series "Artist Interviewing Artist", by popular demand. This is one of the section of HB that has received a lot of good reviews in term of originality and the interactions that it creates among musicians of the HMI. This time, we have narrowed the questions to only 5, when in the past it used to be unlimited. Also this time instead of the artist picking up who he or she would like to interview, HB is making the decision this time

We continue with our series "Artist Interviewing Artist. This one is a very interesting one where two legendary musicians, Fabrice Rouzier who is the interviewer and Robert Martino the interviewee exchange some very interesting information. 

We continue our interview series: "Artist Interviewing Artist", with Vee of the goup Zin interviewing solo female artist Misty Jean. 


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