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In a relatively short amount of time,  Vladimyr Etienne "Katalog" has become an household name to the HMI, a leading counterpart in Gabel, a much respected band in Florida, for their tenacity and patience.   Since the release of Gabel’s last album “gon’w jan pou ye”, Katalog’s flashy dress habit combined with his boyish looks and a rare dynamic flare, have made him equally popular on stage as any other HMI vocalist.

She made a splash in the HMI music world when she joined Hangout. Mirline Menard (Meilan-Mei Mei) made her debut and took on the challenge of replacing Georgie Mettellus, one of the most standout female Compas singer that the HMI have ever seen. It took her  just a few months to capture

Today, power in the HMI is defined not only by networking and experience, but has expanded to nurturing relationships while staying current and active with an ability to adapt in the digital age era and going back to the traditional way of grassroots promoting.  Power is more than just a phone call away, it is now the vital mix of relationships, experience, leadership, creativity and service.

Papa Altino Jube is the Director of Entertainment at SOBS and also one of the best Booking Agent in the HMI. He is a professional with over 25 of experience under his belt in the promotion & management of artistic and cultural projects in the Haitian and world Music Industry. HB recently sat with Papa Jube to talk about some vast issues that are important to our music industry.


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