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Mei Mei: I'm Back!

She made a splash in the HMI music world when she joined Hangout. Mirline Menard (Meilan-Mei Mei) made her debut and took on the challenge of replacing Georgie Mettellus, one of the most standout female Compas singer that the HMI have ever seen. It took her  just a few months to capture

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the attention of the HMI, with her sensual and imposing moves when she hits the stage. She saw her career cut short, when she became pregnant with her first child. And now, at twenty-nice years old, she wants to make a comeback. As also a model, she’s featured in a recent video, from one of the young and promising band in the HMI, Karizma in “Istwa Damou”. Below are excerpts from an interview she conducted with HB.

HB: Where were you born and raised?

MM:  I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.


HB: How did you come up with the name Mei Mei? 

MM: I had it since playing sports in high school. My volleyball coach started calling me that my sophomore year.


HB: Was it a tough decision when you decided to leave the music scene?

MM: No. I had a responsibility that was more important.


HB: What have you learned being a mother?

MM: Being some sort of a role model, and that her priorities come first.


HB: Tell us about your journey.

MM: My journey is still moving. I’m learning as I go. 


HB: If I may ask, how is your daughter doing and how old is she now?

MM: She is as old as I’ve been out the industry. Duh. Lol.


HB: What have you learned about yourself since leaving Hangout?

MM: I learned that I love singing. It was always in me to learn more for myself.


HB: Who inspires you the most as a person?

MM: My daughter. She reminds me of me in so many ways.


HB: Are you working on new music?

MM: Yes. I have a single coming out soon. It’s a hot track so stay tuned. This producer is coming for y'all. lol.


HB: Many female singers are entering the Compas scene. Is there a reason you chose to make your comeback at this time?

MM: Nope. I moved back to Miami a year ago. I took that year to lose weight and be fit.


HB: How are you going to perform your new music on stage?

MM: Easy. I got a manager working on all of that. It's a process but I'm patient. Just know I'm about to change the game, repping the woman in the HMI.


HB: What are your plans for the future?

MM: My plan is to make a name for myself all over again, slowly and patiently.


HB: How did you hook up with Karizma on the new video “Istwa Damou”? 

MM: I'm with an Agency. I also model and that was a gig I had gotten.



HB: What was it like working with Karizma on the video?

MM: I love working with them. They are so relaxed, like brothers. All we did was crack jokes. It made it easy shooting with them. We related in many ways.


HB: Has Karizma offered you to join the band? If yes what was your answer and why?

MM: (lol) No. Emmery is an awesome singer, yet that's not a part of any of my plans.


HB: Haven’t you ever thought that the attention your physical appearance gets masks your singing and dancing skills? Does that make you unhappy?

MM: Not at all. I'm stronger than what I used to be. My singing and dancing makes me who I am. The appearance is a bonus. Sex sells! Duh. 


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Last modified on Tuesday, 12 January 2016 20:19

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