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Katalog: For The Love of Music

In a relatively short amount of time,  Vladimyr Etienne "Katalog" has become an household name to the HMI, a leading counterpart in Gabel, a much respected band in Florida, for their tenacity and patience.   Since the release of Gabel’s last album “gon’w jan pou ye”, Katalog’s flashy dress habit combined with his boyish looks and a rare dynamic flare, have made him equally popular on stage as any other HMI vocalist.

I caught up with Katalog, just before he leaves for a lengthy Haiti Summer tour, as he explains what being a musician means to him and his family.


HB: Let’s start with your name. How’d you come up with the name “Katalog”?

VE: Well the name Katalog was given to me by the man himself, Gracia Delva some years ago. Because of the way I dress and how I always try to look my best he thought the name was fitting. So, the name just stuck with me.


HB: Do you remember the moment you realized that you wanted to pursue career in music?

VE: Ever since I can remember. As a child it's all I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to do it as a career when I found myself singingWhere ever I was, during whatever I was doing...all day every day. It's always been my passion. 


HB: Do you ever make mistakes during performances? How do you handle that?

VE: It happens less often now. You just get better with experience. I just brush it off and keep going. Still have to my job and please the fans.


HB: Are there any underground bands/musicians that you enjoy that you think people should know about?


VE: Not really, because most of them I remember are currently performing in the same league as me. 


HB: You have toured a lot recently. What have been some of the highlights? Dream come true moments?

VE: A lot A lot...I'll never forget my first performance in my hometown (Cap-Haitien) with Gabel in 2010, Martinique in 2011, Also France 2011...too much to explain but lot of unforgettable moments bro!


HB: Regarding songwriting, where do you gather the ideas and inspiration from?

VE: From my personal and other people life experiences.


HB: What motivates you the most as an artist?

VE: My fans... It's all about pleasing them...


HB: How does being a musician affect the world around you?

VE: It effects the world in so many ways. People use music as a source of inspiration, motivation, comfort, pleasure, expression among a lot of other things. It effects our mood and how we may take life on. Therefore, by being a musician I directly affect so many lives.


HB: How do you think the life of an HMI vocalist has changed in the last 20 years?

VE: Back in the days, some people didn't think a vocalist or a musician in general can live with music, things has changed because once you blessed enough to be part of a band who's doing good trust me there's a lot you can do or accomplish for yourself and your family. Me I live with music all I can tell you is, so far so good and I'm proud to be a vocalist and be a member of Gabel. 


HB: Who writes most of the lyrics and the music in Gabel?

VE: We work as a team, whatever we accomplished is team works but give credit to Ti Pachou because is the master mind behind our recent album. 


HB: You just released video number 6, are you guys still aiming to release a video of every song on your last album? If yes, what do you wish to accomplish with that goal?

VE: We not going to release 14 music videos since the album has 14 songs but I guarantee you that we have 3 more to go, which is 9 videos. It’s a strategy that's really works for us especially in Haiti, Europe and les Antilles. We have songs like: Data’s ok, Gon jan pou ye, Fanm sa marew, Ou se melodie etc...People from those places I just mentioned above, they know all those songs and sing them with us while performing. So we going to keep the same strategy for our next album because it's worth it!

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