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CEO and Founder of Joyce Fuerza Productions, Inc.  Joyce Fuerza is  a graduate of Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business with a Bachelor in Commerce.

Today, power in the HMI is defined not only by networking and experience, but has expanded to nurturing relationships while staying current and active with an ability to adapt in the digital age era and going back to the traditional way of grassroots promoting.  Power is more than just a phone call away, it is now the vital mix of relationships, experience, leadership, creativity and service.

"I'm in love with music, sounds cliché but so true, I am a guitar player, a music lover, I use melodies, meaningful harmonies, words and emotions to share my definition of love." This is how Dener Seide describes himself. HB had a chance to have a chat with the talented guitar player and take an in-depth look at this promising artist. 



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