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Carel Pedre: “The Man Behind the Microphone”

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On behalf of HaitianBeatz’ brand new website, Mia Lopez sat down with Carel Pedre for an exclusive interview. 

Haiti houses some of the greatest talent that has ever crossed the airways. One of the biggest names in television and radio that stands out the most is Carel Pedre. Born in Port-de-Paix, Carel made a name for himself as the voice of ChoKarelLa’s Morning Show on Radio One and as the host of Digicel Stars. Moving to Port-au-Prince in September 2000, Carel is fast becoming the most popular radio personality and television host in Haiti. Haitianbeatz had the pleasure of catching up with Carel .

HB:Carel thank you so much for sitting down with us, we are going to get advice from you to see if we can get to know you a little more. Are you ready?

Carel:I’m excited, so let’s go.

HB:When did you know you wanted to be a Broadcaster?

Carel:In 1996, we had a popular radio show on Radio Melodie FM in Port-de-Paix where people could call and request love songs. I used to call frequently and one day I was invited to visit the radio station and be live on the show. I fell in love with the microphone. Then I was inspired to have my own show.

HB:Did you get any formal training to become a Broadcaster?

Carel:I did not attend school for Broadcasting. Although I wanted to, I had to alter my plans when I learned that I was going to be a father in 2008. I was already registered at CSB broadcasting school in Doral, Florida, but I could no longer go. When I first started working in the field, I learned a lot because I was first an Operator. Then I was sent to the newsroom to write the news, interview high-profile people in my city, and prepare live reports. I was a news anchor for about 3 months. Then I switched to hosting music shows, etc… I read a lot about mass media and journalism and kept track of what was going on in the media world. I also attended a few seminars in Haiti and in the States. Recently with “iTunes U” I found a lot of free journalism and communication courses that I dedicate at least 2 hours a day to expand my skills. 

HB:Before Radio One, where were you working?

Carel:I was at Radio Planet Kreyol as Program Director and IT Manager. Then I found a job as Communication Officer at the World Health Organization Office in Port-au-Prince in March 2004. I joined the Radio One team in June 2005.

HB:Since joining Radio One and working in other realms, do you believe you are one of the best Radio DJ’s in Haiti?

Carel:I want to be the best of the best and I’m working on that so yes I do believe I’m one of the best. 


HB:There’s nothing wrong with being sure of yourself. 

Carel:Of course not. (laughing)

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