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Marie-Christine: Her love for music

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There is an exotic haunting beauty in the sultry voice of Marie-Christine. It’s a sound that conjures the sophistication and magic of both her heritage and upbringing. Born and raised in Montreal to Haitian parents, Marie-Christine swears that the seeds of her love for music were planted well before her birth.

Her father, Edourd, had an intense love of classical music, so much so that he taught himself to play piano. He was determined to pass his passion on to his daughter and made sure that Marie-Christine was able to take advantage of schooling in Montreal where she spent fourteen years from the age of 5 in classical piano training. 

While it was generally classical music that filled the house, Marie-Christine secretly harboured a love for pop music, sneaking listens to the likes of Whitney Houston,. En Vogue and Michael Jackson. 


HB- Can you introduce yourself?

MC- Hi there, my name is Marie-Christine and I'm a singer/songwriter.



HB- Where are you originally from?

MC- I was born in Montreal, Canada from Haitian parents.


HB- How and when did you become an artist?

MC- I was exposed to music from a very young age, probably from the moment I was conceived!! It was just part of of the household. I started taking classical piano classes from the age of 5 years old until I was 19. Throughout that time I always enjoyed singing and writing songs for fun. At the age of 19 I got my first professional gig as a soloist fronting a gospel choir. Then at 20, I was part of a successful musical revue called Generation Motown, which toured nearly 5 years. I never stopped performing & touring after that!


HB- Can you tell me a little about some of your original music?

Growing up  I listened to a lot of different types of music, from rock, pop, latin, greek to alternative. But the style that I loved the most was Hip Hop, R&B, Soul. That's why the music I create today has a  soulful influence.


HB- Who do you look up to in music? And what about them makes an impact in your life?

MC- Well there's Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald.. What I admire the most is how their voices are like instruments, so versatile and able to improvise, seems so effortless.   


HB- How did you develop your sound?

MC- I think that it happened over time without me realizing it at first. With all the music I listened to and have sung over the years with different artists from different backgrounds, I've taken all that I loved from each experience mixed with my passion of soul music and molded my style slowly but surely ;)


HB- What do you do when you're not making music?

MC- I usually take care of the 'business' part of show business. Like booking, payroll and  accounting, social media etc... Also I obviously spend time with my friends and family as much as I can.  I love watching all kinds of movies, I love to cook, and enjoy practicing bikram yoga.


HB- Can you tell me a little bit about your parents, what role they have played in your life?

My parents were very strict growing up. They placed a lot of importance in education and did a lot of sacrifices to send us to private school.  They are very dedicated, always drove us to each activity we took part in, music classes, dance classes, sports etc.. I have so much respect for my parents, they are a great example of perseverance, dedication and strength.

HB- Do you have siblings?

MC- Yes a brother and sister, both older. Yes... I'm the baby :p


HB- Were you a trouble maker growing up or the good kid?

MC- We were all good kids.. but I'm definitely the black sheep. I'm the one that didn't follow the path my parents laid out for me. But I'm proud that I followed my gut & passion from the start.


HB- What did you want to be when you “grew up”?

MC- I had a phase where I wanted to be a police woman or a secret agent lolll, then I wanted to be a doctor but always secretly wanted to be a singer but never thought that it was possible or realistic!


HB- How old were you when you started singing?

MC- My first live performance was at 11 years old.


HB- Favorite genre of music to listen to?

MC- Anything from the 60 &70's!!!!

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