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If you mention Haiti to someone, chances are they think of political turmoil, poverty and a lot of other negative stereotypes. But for those who’ve have traveled to Haiti or know a little bit about Haitian story, they will tell you a different story; a story of a small island with one of the richest cultural heritage, from its music, to its arts and leading to its wonderful cuisine. 

Saskya gained her first prominence in the entertainment industry when she entered BlackPlanet.com’s worldwide contest “One Minute to Shine”. Entrants had to post online a one minute video of them singing. The winner would be determined by the website’s visitors. Saskya wowed the audience with her first recorded song ever Touch Me. After all the votes were tallied, Saskya was announced as the first place winner.

Godwin Louis, alto saxophonist, was born in Harlem, New York and began playing saxophone at age nine.   Godwin grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Port au Prince, Haiti.  Godwin is a recent graduate from the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute for Jazz Performance class of 2011. 

Could the oldest person alive be a Haitian woman from Laval, Que?

She was one of the first model that I interviewed when we started Haitianbeatz.com in our fashion/beauty section as our "beauty of the month", she had just begun her career 2 years earlier. We decided to bring back Nathalie (Tico) Armand back, because of all the progress she had made during those past 5 years. I must also remind everyone, she is a former HMI artist, vocalist who used to be with the all female group Desire.

A Studio Arts graduate of The College of New Rochelle, Sophia Domeville is also the CEO and Founder of Ms. Phia Presents, a small special event planning boutique based in New York City. Ms. Phia Presents provides art based socials, live painting showcases and non-profit events focusing on the development of artists.

On behalf of HaitianBeatz’ brand new website, Mia Lopez sat down with Carel Pedre for an exclusive interview. 

In a relatively short amount of time,  Vladimyr Etienne "Katalog" has become an household name to the HMI, a leading counterpart in Gabel, a much respected band in Florida, for their tenacity and patience.   Since the release of Gabel’s last album “gon’w jan pou ye”, Katalog’s flashy dress habit combined with his boyish looks and a rare dynamic flare, have made him equally popular on stage as any other HMI vocalist.

Juanito Beaubrun, better known by his stage name Wanito, is a 24 year old singer, composer and songwriter who won ‘’Haiti Chante’’ (Haiti Sings) a singing contest ran by PeaceTones in 2011. Wanito released his debut album ‘’Biyografi Mwen’’ (My Biography) in December 2011 in Haiti followed by

Arly Larivierre, born in Cap-Haitien Haiti, is a Haitian singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and leader of the konpa band “Nu Look”. Arly Larivierre’s father Daniel Larivierre was the lead singer and composer for the great Haitian band Tropicana D’Haiti. Arly is the 2nd oldest of 5 children,


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