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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DHL Express, the world's leading international express services provider, today announced the launch of Express Easy, a new service that brings simple, all-inclusive rates to international shipping. The service, which is being launched in Haiti, gives walk-in customers access to lower prices from the standard DHL Express Worldwide service.

What if you could book your bus ticket in Haiti in under two minutes instead of four hours?

A detailed interview on the state of the Haitian economy by Economist and social political analyst, and author of newly published book, "The Haitian Vertigo", Rose Nesmy Saint Louis. Mr. Saint-Louis goes over the state of the Haitian State and economy in Cafe Philo, a well known televised show on Radio-television Caraibes, an intellectual circle launched by young and vibrant Haitian minds.

One of the constant  complains we often hear from our HMI artists has to with other artists not given proper proper credit or no credit at all on song he/she has produced or contributed to. Those types of dispute are usually addressed through the media, which usually ends with a nasty conclusion.

As a musician, actor/actress or anyone working in the entertainment industry, it can be very challenging to have to perform your craft and stay abreast of laws that govern your industry.  There is so much information out there - from the Internet and/or word of mouth - much of which is either confusing, conflicting or doesn’t give a clear answer to the many questions that arise.


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