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Yve-Car Momperousse is a multifaceted social entrepreneur, institutional strategist and solutions engineer with a transnational focus on social and economic development.


In this series, professionals predict the ideas and trends that will shape 2016. Read the posts here, then write your own (use #BigIdeas2016 in your piece).

Everyone hates rankings. Critics claim they fail to measure the right data. Others say they’re simply rigged. And why stack anything up if you’re just going to knock it all down? However valid, such criticisms miss the point of the widely tracked lists that are the obsession of applicants, students, alumni and administrators. Rankings are simply starting points – a way to bring order and a means to save time.

Since 2014, the Lufthansa Group’s HelpAlliance-supported Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp has connected fledgling entrepreneurs in Haiti with business professionals who impart strategies and tactics for establishing and developing local businesses. The annual program, which is free for participants, hones professional and personal skills through classroom instruction and interactive exercises that are led entirely by volunteers.



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