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Probably his last popular act as President of Haiti, President Martelly (Sweet Micky) released  a carnival song where he lashed out at his political foes and some members of the media,  in the most derogatory fashion that he is famous for..  We are told that the song was heavily edited to remove celebratory part where the President thought his hand picked candidate Jovnel Moise had won the election. Due to the fact that the election was postponed, that prompted President Martelly to return to the studio.


Tvice Kanaval 2016 "Dan Di" Listen:

T-Micky Kanaval 2016 "Bras"

Carimi 2016 Carnival "Toro"

Vwadezil kanval 2016: Eske w'ap pran dekoupe


New 2016 Carnival song from Keyol La "Superman"

Djakout Mizik: Kiyès ki prezidan



K-tone (Polomix) "kale ko'w"

Powere Surge "kijan pou'm ta ye"



2016 carnival from Bookman Experyans "Zonbi San Manman":