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HMI's 2016 Year in Review...Some of the stories that made the headlines Featured

Those are some of the stories that made the headlines in the HMI in 2016:

The New York City, promoter’s coalition (NYHPC) kicked off its first official event “Memoirs of the Diaspora”, in Queens to commemorate the Jan. 12th earthquake in Haiti, that killed thousands of Haitians and left thousands more injured.

Klass’ guitar player “Bel Kod”, suspended after missing a gid, drawing many speculations that he was leaving to join another band. He was reinstated immediately after the suspension.

Rodney Noel, co-founder of Compas Festival, reunited with Harmonik as co-owner and general manager after resigning the positions a few months earlier.

President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky), created a firestorm by releasing a carnival meringures that targeted many media personalities and political figures.



Many top bands decline to participate at this year’s Haiti carnival, including top bands like Tvice and Djakout #1.

Haitian officials cancel the first day of Carnival in Haiti, which was suppose to take place on the exact date that President Martelly was suppose to sworn in the new elected president, of which the election never took place.

The carnival did take place on the following day, but it was a very timid participation, as political instability dominated the news.

La Nuit Des Jeunes (LNDJ) officially announced its line up for 2016, featuring: Klass – CaRiMi – Kreyol La and Rutshelle.

Emeline Michel, kicks off Global fest with a solid schedule that took her around many cities across the US.

HMI veteran Joel Lespinass passed away.

Former Haitian President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky), officially announce that he will return to the music scene after being the president of Haiti for 5 years.

Two former musicians now politicians, Gracia Delva and Don Kato, clashed live on the parliament floor in Haiti, where Gracia pronounced the famous words “poze poze net”, that is now a common phrase in the Haitian vocabulary.

New, all female band out of Haiti “Artiz” releases new single “Banm chalè”.

Shocking and disturbing rumors surrounding the death of female vocalists, Gina Dupervil, were quickly put away by family members.

HMI’s legendary singer/composer of Mizik Mizik passed away after suffering from a major stroke during a live performance with the band.



Venus International Productions announce that the iconic Zouk band, Kassav will headline its annual Labor Day Family Festival in Long Island.
Fritz Duverger, owner of the most prominent music store in Brookly, Factor Mizik suddenly passed away hours after closing the store.

President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) officially announce that he’ll be on Eastern Parkway Labor Day Parade to participate on the annual festivities on his own float.



Papa Jube announced the initiative to hold the First Hip Hop Creole Summit in Miami.

Klass officially release one of the most anticipated sophomore album “Fè’l ak tout kè’w” at Atrium Complex in Miami.

In front of a soldout audience, LNDJ 2016 took place at Amazura Concert Hall, featuring Klass, Carimi, Kreyol La and Rutshelle Guillaume.



Disip releases its 3rd album “Klere Yo”, receiving many positive reviews.

Former Zin female lead singer, Nia along with Dano and Drasso announced the formation of a new band “PASH”.

The annual Compas Festival took place in Miami at Bayfront park.

Sweet Micky’s official kick off return to the HMI scene took place at Café Iguana in Florida.

Star singer and actor Jean Claude Guillaume is dead.



HMI veteran band Magnum Band celebrate its 40th anniversary in New York at Amazura Concert Hall, and received citations from New York city elected officials including New York City Mayor De Blasio.

Controversial debates after Tony Mix is officially name Ambassador of Culture by the Haitian government.

The annual Kreyol Fest took place in Brooklyn New York.

Mass Konpa releases new CD “Prensip”.




Former President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) added to the Labor Day Festival by Venus International.

Carimi officially announced the break up of the band after over 15 years as one of the top band in the HMI.

Pouchon of Djakout #1 causes a lot of panic when he collapsed live on stage during a performance.

New band Enposib releases new CD “Chay”.

Arly Larivierre and Nu Look release anticipated CD “My Time”.



MikaBen officially joins Warner Music in Europe.

Laporte quits Nu Look once again and formed a new band “WOW”.

Zenglen cancels Haiti tour, due to the fact that their lead singer Wid, did not have proper legal document to travel to the home land.



Sweet Micky officially makes its New York return at Amazura with Nu Look. Bad sound put a damp on the anticipated return in New York.

Pre-Labor Day Festival took place at Eisenhower State Park in Long Island with Kassav highlighting the festivity.

Klass fires sound engineer Lavaux after consistant complaints from fans and people close to the band.

Cruz la releases new CD during the long Labor Day weekend entitled “Ascension”

Tickets Magazine selects Klass as the top band for the Summer of 2016 Haiti tour.



Hurricane Mathew hit Haiti hard as a category 5 hurricane and killed thousands in its path and caused total disaster.

Tantann (Stanley Toussaint) releases new CD

Disastrous music awards show took place in Florida.



TVice officially releases new CD “Nou tounen pi fo”.

Richard Cave and Fito Farinen officially announced the name of their new band “KAÏ”.



Noel and Cecibon announce that Haitian Compas Fest 2017 will be a two days event with an extended line up.

Tabou Combo’s lead singer Shoubou and his wife was robbed at knife point while sleeping in their Elmont home in New York.

HMI mourns the death of superstar Black EZ who was found dead in Haiti.

Roots music icon, Kessy of Koudjay passed away in Haiti, leaving a void in the racines music movement in Haiti.

Harmonik releases new CD “Degaje” after making a splash with hit single “Cherie benyen’m”.

Haitianbeatz celebrates its 8th anniversary with a line up of talented artists, Belo, Fatima, Anie, Riva and the band Klass.

Gazzman angrily shoved male groupies live on stage during performance.

King Kino and President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) reconciled live on stage during King Kino’s birthday celebration at Quartier Latin in Haiti.

For the first time after their separation, Arly and Gazzman faced off for the first time at showdown on Christmas Day at Amazura Concert Hall.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 04 January 2017 10:00

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