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Advances in disease diagnostics now offer clinicians a staggering degree of accuracy. But access to results generally requires a well-equipped lab and a few weeks’ waiting time.

What do breast cancer, lung cancer, and Zika virus have in common? They can all be treated with the same medications, claimed biotech billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong at a genetics conference in San Diego on Thursday. The doctor doesn't shy away from bold statements based on preliminary data and was met with adoration as a kickoff speaker at the Future of Genomic Medicine conference—a science-heavy gathering at the Scripps Institution of geneticists, oncologists, data scientists, and other experts.

Haiti's health ministry said Friday the country has been hit by an outbreak of the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne ailment similar to dengue fever that is rapidly spreading through the Caribbean. 

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cholera will continue to kill and infect Haitians as long as they lack access to clean water and sanitation, with a thousand new cases reported each week, health experts say.


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