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Wednesday, 26 February 2020 08:55

Witem Burr

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There’s another music craze that’s moving the young generation 
in Haiti. As we know, back in the days, the go to music for the young people was Konpa. As the shift of the world went to rap music, “Rap Kreyol “ was introduced and had and still has a major impact. But, as we know, every decade brings about a new sound naturally in music.  Raboday and Trap Kreyol holds that current spot. One of the most recognizable Trap Kreyol Groups known to the youth in Haiti but in the Diaspora is FLG (Witem and Pchris), with their smash hit entitled “Jacque ketant“. HB got a chance to have a quick Q and A  with Witem. Please Welcome Witembert Gervil (aka) Witem burr
HB- Tell us a little bit about you and where are you from? 
WB- Well My real name is Witembert I’m a rapper/trapper from New Jersey but I was born in Mole Saint Nicholas Haiti 
 3) Do you consider yourself a rap kreyol artist or a trap kreyol artist? What’s the difference if any?
WB- I’m a rapper because trap is not really a genre of music it’s a lifestyle a way of living 
HB- Is there a market for Rap/Trap Kreyol outside of Haiti? 
WB- As for right now no but I believe in due time it will elevate 
HB- Who are your influences?
WB- Fantom,Wanito, Top padleman, pikan from Rockfam 
 HB- Tell us a little  history about Jacque ketant For those who don’t know him? 
WB- Jacques Ketant was a well known drug kingpin in Haiti. Where I was born I used to always be hearing his name & people loved him 
 HB- Have you been in contact with his family since the release of the song? 
WB- Yes his son had contacted me, we talk often  
 HB- Did they appreciate the tribute?
WB- Definitely, ketant himself told his son he loved the song, in fact he’s the one that sent his son the song to begin with. 
HB- Tell us how the collaboration with Wanito came about and how was it like collaborating with him? And for those that don’t know, tell them about the song or songs you and Wanito have together ?
In 2015 Wanito had a video shoot  in New Jersey. I attended the video shoot we talked,  and  the rest is history. Wanito is very down to earth, very patient working with him for the first time was like working with an older brother. We have a few songs together but only two  have been released so far. 
HB- What does 2020 look like for you?
WB- 2020 is looking pretty good so far I’m working on my project which is almost done and  also working on a few videos.
Where you can find Witem ?
Instagram @witem_burr 
Twitter @witem_burr 
Facebook @witem burr
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