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DisiP Klreye Yo

I have  to congratulate Disip for an album well executed. The two
previous one were average but this one "Klere Yo" is a three digits summer heat: HOT, HOT, HOT.  Melomanes yo jwen!
" Klere yo" is a reminiscence of what an up-tempo kompa direk should be. The lyrics are on point as well as the orchestration. Gazman steers Dissip to a wider avenue of great kompa music. 
"Heartbreak and Misery", wow! What a great song. Great vocal,  very melodic and harmonic. Disip takes Zouk to a new place. If anyone who is a fan of a certain group must admit that Disip has everyone's attention this time. The greatness of Gazman and Dener Ceide is heavenly on display.
"San Manti" well, my boy Dener Ceide did it again. This song has character and temperament where the social aspect is depicted with shame.  This an engaged mid-tempo song that encapsulates the continuous  and relentless pains and sufferings of an independent nation for over two centuries. SMH.
"Fot papam" a controversial subject that is happening as we speak. Especially in the diaspora where family members are scattered all over the United States and elsewhere. Aside  from those unfortunate circumstances, the song itself is gracious and well put together. Gazman has balls to approach such a delicate issue with such sensibility and virtue. 
"Pa pozem Kesyon" it's an ok song which I fast forward every time. 
" It doesn't matter", superb, brilliant, sweet, gracious and conscientious. That lady Jessy has an angelic voice.  She is as pretty as her voice while Gazman complimenting her with his own elegant mid-tempo attribution. Magnificently done.
"Cette Fois-ci", the horn arrangements remind me of Accolade de NewYork.  It has the potential of a hit song, and very candid.  Love it. Anpil plenyen but terrific. Don't blame the King of plenyen selman.
"Defi", upbeat with a vivid rhythm that can make someone want to get up and shake that ass. "Ou k fe sa ou mim". I am not  sure who Disip is talking to but the slogan fits that part of the song very well, also catchy. It reminds 0f: Tu peux faire ca toi-meme of Klass. I feel the vibe of that song from beginning to end. 
"Lamou Pi fo", as you all know, Zouk is Kompa Direk with a slower tempo. This is a good one with room for improvisation as the cd evolves in the market especially in live performances.
" J'ai brule les etapes" (Etap). This song embellishes and crystallizes the great talent of Gazman Pierre. Gazman delivers eloquently as he did in "Kouto" of Richie. From the lyrics to the orchestration of the song, I have nothing but high regards towards Disip. That's my favorite which I put on repeat.
"Aparans" is volatile and captivated. This song is a testament for anyone who loves too hard or sucker for love lol.  I like the guitar coordination and the keyboard at the end. Kompa normal.
"Limena" is a great tribute to a woman with formidable taste and style. It's about time. Don't let the lyrics fool you. This up-tempo song is a true testament to great work by Disip. The guitar segment reminds me a passage of guitarist of a group that I like a lot. Nonetheless, very satiable to my taste.
Gazman, Disip and all the guests on the album:   I gracefully thank you for this album which is by far the best work that Disip has ever produced during their tenure in the industry. 
My sincere hope is that this cd will take Disip to higher echelon where all konpa nuts like me can make a strong case for them. I am not a fan but I can appreciate great talents when I see them.  This is a job well done by Disip. "Klere yo".
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