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X-Carimi Carlo Vieux Talks about his Upcoming Project

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The x-Carimi superstar asked to not push the panic button to those
who think he’s about to introduce a new band to already saturated HMI. 
After releasing a snippet video over the weekend of an upcoming project that featured  Carlo Vieux as one of the main character, many were speculating that another band is about to be introduced to the HMI. Speaking to  Carlo Vieux, he told HB that “Yes, I’m working on a project, but it’s not a band. It’s just a couple of guys releasing some music and trying to support a few impoverished kids in Haiti, by working with some organizations”. 
The project which is called “KoolProject”,  will not be a strictly konpa project, according to Carlo. The former Carimi superstar has always stated that he will be producing music  after the disbandment of Carimi, because that is his passion. He is putting his passion to a good cause. The proceeds of those tracks will help alleviate the hardship that many children are facing in Haiti. 
A great philosopher once said: “The duty of helping one's self in the highest sense involves the helping of one's neighbors”, to that end, Carlo choose to help his fellow citizens back home. 
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