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Charlin Bateau talks about current project, sense of style and more Featured

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Nobody can predict the future. Not least the future of music, dictated

as it often is by factors beyond just talent. Such is the case for Charlin Bateau, who was preparing to make a splash in 2020, and boom, came Covid-19 and all plans were put on hold. Beside, this young talented artist is fizzing with potential that his success seems predestined.
As we head into the phasing out of Coronavirus, it’s time to get ready for the next crop of future stars. We sat down with one potential candidate aiming for one of the spots.


HB- Who is Charlin Bateau?

CB- Charlin Bateau is a Christian, a father, an artist, songwriter, producer, guitar player and a singer.


2). At what age did you begin singing?

CH- I began singing at the age of 6. I started off singing gospel music because of my grandmother, she used to sing at our church and her voice was amazing which inspired me to begin singing.


HB- How did you get influenced by the industry in the earlier days of your life?

CB- Growing up I listened to a lot of Konpa, Raga, and Rara. Three bands in particular that I always listened to are Konpa Kreyol, King Posse, and Raram. I can say that their imprint in the industry has influenced me and my versatility in music.


HB- Tell us about your journey with Rylax?

CB- My journey with Rylax was a learning experience. My experience with them had some good and some bad moments but nonetheless a learning experience.


HB- What is the biggest problem that you encountered so far in your young career?

CB- People saying what they mean and meaning what they say.


HB- Do you write your own songs?

CB- Yes I write all of my songs.


HB- Are you now a pure solo artist?

CB- Yes I am a pure solo artist. I consider myself pure simply because I am true to my fans and myself.


HB- Is it hard being a solo artist in the HMI , and why?

CB- I wouldn’t say it’s “hard” but being a solo artist in the HMI does come with its challenges. Personally I don’t think it’s much support from one another. I understand it’s a business but at the same time coming together will allow us as a whole in the HMI to create more for the fans. Because without the fans there is no us. So whatever needs to be done to please them I am humbly here for it.


HB- Will you be releasing any new songs? Album? EP? Or music video?

CB- During my hiatus I have been working with some very talented people and taking my time with all my new projects that I am preparing for my fans. At this time I can’t really give an exact date regarding an album an EP or music video. But what I can say is that I have taken the time necessary to work on myself and my craft and will not disappoint. And all updates about all upcoming projects will be posted on my social media. Instagram @charlinofficial Twitter @charlinofficial and YouTube @charlinofficial.


HB- Describe your style, your sound?

CB- My sound is different and brittle when I sing it’s with emotion. Whether it’s sad, happy, etc.. as soon as I get on the mic regardless if you’re a professional or a fan you will immediately be able to recognize where my mindset is. As far as my style I don’t necessarily go with what’s trending at the moment but with what makes me comfortable.


HB- Can Haitianbeatz readers have an exclusive listening of one of your songs first?

CB- All my fans should be able to listen to my single at the same time. I love all my fans and my Haitianbeatz fans in particular.


HB- Being a musician what do you enjoy the most?

CB- I mostly enjoy being able to create music that brings happiness to others. People listen to music at many different stages in life and as a musician to be able to create music that touches the hearts of people is an amazing feeling.


HB- Do you play an instrument in addition to singing?

CB- Yes, I play the guitar.


HB- Once you release new music will you be touring?

CB- In due time touring is definitely going to take place. Everything will be posted on my social media.


HB- Where do you see Charlin Bateau 3 years from now?

CB- 3 years from now I see myself evolving in my career and making music that still puts smiles on my fans faces.


HB- How do you handle this coronavirus mentally?

CB- I don’t choose to live in paranoia as far as the coronavirus goes. I do however take all precautionary measures in protecting myself and my family from it.


HB- When do you think things will get back to normal in terms of live venue performances?

CB- Hopefully soon so that I can have the opportunity to give my fans a well overdue performance of my new single.


HB- Anything you wanted to say? I did not ask?

CB- I think we covered just about everything.

HB- Thank you Charlin


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