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Interview with Ex-Zin Songstress Nia Louis Featured

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Virginia Louis aka

Nia, formerly of the group Zin. She was very kind and gracious. Nia is a real thrill seeker and has been fascinated by music and singing ever since she was young. She recently relocated to Atlanta and started her own band. Let’s get the details and the updates:

HB- When I last interviewed you a few years ago, everything was going so well for you, your took over your mom’s restaurant, you were in the process of releasing 2 singles, your solo album was almost done, Let’s catch up, what have happened since? 

Nia- Wow it’s truly been a long time! A lot has happened since then. I completed my Nursing program and became an RN, I’m a mother of two, and after many years of living in Florida we decided to move to Atlanta Georgia! Unfortunately my mother passed away last September after many years of being sick. I am still grieving however I am at peace knowing she’s no longer suffering and one day I will see her again. 

HB- Wow, did not know about that, my sincere condolences and may she continues to rest in peace. Why did you decide to move to Atlanta? 

Nia- We moved to Atlanta for the housing to be quite honest. However once we moved we realized it was a great move for our family. We live outside of Atlanta in the suburbs, its very family friendly and a good place to raise kids. 

HB- What motivated you to put this new band together? 

Nia- As you know a couple years ago I had a project called Påsh which was a collaboration between myself and Dano keyboardist from the HMI and a few other local musicians. That project unfortunately ended. One27 was my husband Webb’s idea along with Delva a well known HMI bassist here in Atlanta. One27 is our baby and we are putting in the work to make it happen!

What is your day-to-day life like these days? 

Nia- Very busy! I juggle a few hats!

HB- What are your memories of Zin?

Nia- Zin was a wonderful time in my life and I have many fond memories of with Zin. I got to travel the world and see places that I would probably not have gone to had it not been for Zin. I will forever remember our live performances; no one performance was ever the same. 

HB- What kind of sound does your new band play, is it similar to Zin? 

Nia- One27’s sound is a balanced blend of my musical influences which includes kompa. So in that since there are some similarities to Zin. 

HB= So what drew you into Konpa music? 

Nia- Kompa literally fell onto my lap. I was familiar with the music and knew of a few artists (Skah Shah, Coupe Cloue, Sweet Mickey). My late brother affectionately called Ti-Lou Lou was a huge fan of Zenglen and D’zine and he would drag me to their bals sometimes. To say that I would eventually join a Haitian band was a stretch! I met the guys from Zin at a bal in Miami and the rest is history!

HB- Do you keep in touch with any of the musicians from Zin?

Nia-  Yes definitely, we have a group chat and we chat regularly. If you do, what do you talk about? Everything under the sun!

HB- How is the family doing? 

Nia- My family is well thank God. My children are 7 and 6, they are growing up so fast I wish I can stop time. We are safe and blessed and I’m very thankful for that.

HB-I know it is very hard to be a successful band in the HMI, especially as a female artist. How do you cope with the frustration of not being able to do everything you want to do? 

Nia- I channel that energy into being creative and forging relationships with like-minded creative people. I know our industry is what it is so I choose what I do, when I want to do it and how. My desire is to create my own lane, I believe eventually it will all fall into place.

Final words? Thank you for the interview and thank you to all my fans out there! I love ya’ll and stay tuned!

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