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Hatian Star Mickael Taps Audiomack Push her brand Globally! Featured

Written by Marie Driven
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The native Haitian Mickael known as “ Mickael Artist” on all social media

platforms has recently captivated the world with breakout single "Fever" featuring SKALES, Triplets Ghetto Kids, and Young D. Drawing in thousands to millions of new fans all over the world, Mickael has not only become a staple in Kreyol but in every aspect of music worldwide.

Catchy and soothing, Fever has seen significant success so far worldwide. However, Mickael knows it's another level that she has to take to boost her notoriety up to the level of superstardom. Recently, she tapped the team at Audiomack to help increase her overall production.

Led by a powerful woman at Audiomack, Tanya Lawson (Director of Afrobeats and Caribbean at Audiomack), she has equipped Haitian artists with education by providing them music knowledge and a platform that's worldwide to post music at. Coupled with the brand's signature use of digital streaming platforms in the effect of improving artist traction and the bandwidth that is allowing artists to upload their music, Haitian and Caribbean artists of all trades find significant success with the platform.

A significant initiative from the brand is explicitly introducing it to fans who are under 34, which makes up nearly 85% of the audience on the platform. Also, in conjunction with the increased exposure is a step by step guide on the process of monetization, the platforms which music can be heard, and methods of tracking analytics for each song.

With streaming and monetization tools like that helps a rising Haitian star such as Mickael not only build a broader fanbase but a younger fanbase that can grow with her on any streaming platform. Add in bandwidth, allowing music to be free-flowing instead of control and which can also be easily monetized; it's easy to see why Mickael tapped Audiomack to help advance her career.

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