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Meet TVice's "La Madre": The Last Woman Standing Featured

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It may seem like everything is perfect, lights, cameras, action and 

all fun from the outside, however the HMI is one of the shadiest industries around. The odds of making it big in this HMI, even if an artist has an abundance of natural talent, the chances of making it is probably 25% at best. The road to success is usually treacherous. There are just so many stumbling blocks along the way, dishonest promoters, sneaky managers, underhanded media and deceitful producers willing to take advantage of eager artists/bands trying to make their dreams come true. With that said, most of the bands or artists that usually make it to the top, succeed because they have a strong, savvy and dedicated team working behind the scene. Most of the time, this team is led by a manager who navigate the ship and calls all the shots. That person has the vision; and the priority is to look out in every single situation for the band/artists that they represent. In the American Music Industry, they say: “Team work makes the Dream Work.” In this article, we’ll speak to one of the HMI’s top managers that spearhead the team and the success of one of the most successful band that the HMI has ever seen. We are talking about Jessie Alkhal, Tvice’s manager for over 25 years. She is probably one of the longest tenured managers to have managed a band for such a long time. The most striking part about this milestone, she works in a male dominated lion den call the HMI, that is extremely vicious towards female artists and executives.

HB had the opportunity to speak with Jessie and she explained the reason behind her success:


HB- Who Is Jessie Al-Khal?

JA- Jessie Al-Khal is a Mother,,, Grandmother, and a Businesswomen.

HB- What Does She Do On Her Free Time ?

JA= She Cleans The House, Cook, Watch TV, Go To the Mall and spends Time With The Family.


HB- What Is Your Favorite Album Ever that T-Vice Produced ?

JA- “In The House”


HB- What Put You On A Path to work in the Haitian music industry ?

JA- I really Had No Choice… Roberto and Reynaldo Started T-Vice at the young age of 14 and 11, I told Them It would be on one condition, that I would manage the Band.


HB- What Is Your Role As The Manager Of T-Vice ?

JA- I schedule and write the contracts. If Needed I book Airline Tickets and Hotel. I travel with the Band to assure that they are well accommodated.


HB- When Did You realise T-Vice had Become a Big Band in The HMI ?

JA- When T-Vice made their Debut at Club Faces In El Rancho every Friday Night And People were Fighting To Get In.. Promoters started to call me From everywhere.


HB- How Do You Cope with Traveling with The Band as a Women, among so many men. Even though Two Of Them Were your Son. ?

JA- It Never Bothered Me, it is always like a Family Trip.


HB- The Best City You Like To Travel With The Band ?

JA- My Answer would rather be a Country which is France


HB- As A Mom and Manager of T-Vice , do You separate the two when dealing with your sons? Please Explain ?

JA- I try , but it is really hard. Now That they are Grown ups and they can make their own decisions , it happens that they don’t always Agree with my decisions and we argue, .But at the end we always compromise.


HB- Do You Play A Role In The Musical Aspect Of The Band for exemple before the Band put something out do they ask for your opinion.?

JA- Remenber The Vice2k Studio is At my House, therefore whenever they are making a new song I get the chance to hear it and make some suggestions without them asking, specially carnival songs.


HB- Describe your 3 of your best Moments with The Band?

JA- First is the Fridays at Faces
Second is Their First Show in Miami
Third Their First Carnaval in Haiti


HB- Describe 3 of your worst Moment with The Band?

JA- First- The Battle with SweetMichy. A Nightmare!
Second- Faulse Accusations against us being Racist.
Third- T-Vice First Year participating in Carnaval in Haiti and All The Speakers Burned when we reached Champs De Mars and We Had to pass in Front of The Stands withoud Sound.


HB- As The Manager Of The Band, you wake up one day 5 band members have left The Band,how do you deal with that? How Do You Keep The Morale Of The Band Up?

JA- I was Not Worried At All. This is one of the Advantage of Having my sons to be The 2 original Members which came up with The T-Vice sound The worst Part was that we Had a Contract for A tour in Paris in 5 days, all the Tickets were Purchased and we had 1 week to replace those 5 Musicians. Roberto and Reynaldo worked day and night with the new members and we Honored The Contract.


HB- Do You See Yourself managing any other Band Beside T-Vice?

JA- Certainly Not.


HB- When Creating a Schedule and Doing booking for a Band, what is the Best Strategy ?

JA- Good Question. First of all, do not see the money first. I always take in account , location of the club, Promoter, and try not to Book in the same area the same Month.


HB- Dealing with the reality of The Music Business, there is a High and a low point, which is harder to deal with? Explain?

JA- I think they are Both Hard To Deal With, When it’s the High Point the fans expect a lot , therefore there is a lot of pressure on the Band not to make any mistake. The low Point on the other hand, you have to work more to come with a Hit that will make you Go Back to the High level.


HB- What Other Konpa Band (s) you listen to and enjoy beside T-Vice?

JA- I prefer to keep it to myself. Lol!


HB- With Coronavirus, how much do you think it has impacted the industry?

JA- How Much? A LOT. We are the most affected.


HB- What’s Your Prediction on When the HMI will be Back in full Force?

JA- In My Opinion December 2020.


HB- There is a Lack of women in leadership role in The HMI, why do you think that is?

JA- I think they might be scare . And They Might Not have the knowledge needed to be in it. Challenge is Something That always made me stronger.


HB-For New Managers and upcoming Managers What Advice would you Give Them.

JA- Love What you are doing before The Money you will be making and Discipline is The Key.


HB- Anything You Wanted To Ask I did Not Ask

JA- Oh Wo, w Moses I think You asked All the questions, but I would add with The Coronavirus that is still very much alive to take precautions as much as possible. Thank You To All The Fans that always Believed and supported T-Vice .

HB- Thank you La Madre

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