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Review: Zafem or My Thing Grand premiere

Written by Jason Accime/Shah
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In a critical time where a live band musical performance before

the fans is forbidden by a virus, ZAFÈM finds its way on a world stage to display the taste of the past, present, and future performers. I relived the past of the great Ansy Derose au Rex Theatre Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and Tabou Combo worldwide.

The technical difficulties to commence the long-awaited premiere was a bit shaky but the recovery was imminent and nonstop until the end. 
The stage was set for a ballade of savvy musicians. Going from an old-time French song, old fashion Haitian song, to country, to the unforgettable folkloric song and to homage to the past legendary musical Konpa groups like Koupé klouré, Skahshah and lastly a gratified salute to our Voodooism, which I refer to back to our cultural roots. 

I quickly depicted the confidence and the longevity of the professional musicians on stage in a format to explore not one market but the various one. The uncanny experience expressed by Dener's band a is fruitfully condensed in their performance. The sound of every instrument played by respective instrumentalists made an impasse in everyone listening attentively. Markarios and Dener are fluidly in tune. George Benson is pretty much impressed by the way Dener performed his duo solo mouth and guitar tandemly. The young drummer and the conga player are impressive, to say the least. 

The latitude and the dexterity to succumb to the difficulty facing ZAFÈM at their infancy are well noticeable in their performance as a unit. I salute Reginald Cangé for recognizing a moment in time to recapture his fans and rebirth his legacy. 

Finally, there is no need to accentuate how many views ZAFÈM has gained to express the savoir-faire of the group. The emphasis shall be solely placed on the Grand-Premiere performance and what to come next.

ZAFÈM ou sé pam and I respectfully bow down to your performance and I am looking forward to seeing you live on stage when the time is appropriate. The overall performance of the band was superb. Hopefully, those who prefer attending the expensive performance of American artists will give their own someday the same treatment.  Thank you ZAFÈM.


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