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Four Haitians arrested Sunday implicated in Tuesday's ganja find

The four Haitians who were arrested in Naggo Head, Portmore, St. Catherine on Sunday

have been implicated in this morning's seizure of 1,000 pounds of compressed ganja.

The police found the narcotics during a pre-dawn operation in Braeton, Portmore. Investigators believe the Haitians were involved in the guns for drugs trade.

Dennis Brooks, Senior Communication Strategist for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, told Radio Jamaica News the four individuals entered the island illegally.

He said the police believe the ganja seized was "supposed to be transported to Haiti and traded for firearms."

Mr. Brooks noted that the seizure along with the arrest of the men is "major dent in their operation" and the St. Catherine South police will continue to target other players in the trade and "bring them to justice."

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