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All The Big HMI albums Confirmed For 2021/2022

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Now that the pandemic is almost behind us, it’s time to look

to the future. Our list of the most anticipated albums of 2021 for the HMI has arrived.
How did we come up with this list? We checked social media for clues about which bands have been in the studio. We asked musicians, band leaders, band managers if there’s anything coming up they could tease. We review interviews that were given for hints about upcoming music. We came up with this list:



Harmonik seems to be one of the first bands to have completed its next album since the start of the year. According to someone who is in the know within the band, Harmonik finished recording since the beginning of March, right after Shedly Abraham had finished adding the drum segment with the band in early February. Now it is a matter of perfect timing before the band announces it’s release date; most likely mid-summer.

Kai is the second band that is nearly completed its second album. The album is in its final phase. Many guest artists will be featured on the album…according to an insider. Speaking to someone who has listened to a few tracks, I was told the future looks bright for Richard Cave and his Kai gang. Look for an August Release if not sooner.

Mickael Guirand stated that the band has been working hard behind the scene on its upcoming project. However, Covid 19 has delayed the process, he contracted the corona virus, which took a toll on him, where he took a few months to recuperate and also with the fact that some key musicians are based in Canada, they were subject to travel restrictions for over a year. Expect a release toward the end of the year.

For faithful Klass fans who were expecting an album this year, It is with great regret to inform you that it is not going to happen. According to Maestro Richie, the band has more than an album ready to be released, however, the band is looking forward to celebrating its 10 year anniversary, therefore the band will wait to release a 10 year anniversary album. “The whole focus right now is our 10th year anniversary, we want to make it special” stated Richie speaking to Haitianbeatz. Look for a release probably around April 2022.

With Ralph Menelas at the helm of the band, he is looking to imprint his signature as the new Maestro. The band has been working hard in the studio, according to manager, Patrick Fabre. “Tout moun ap tavay, n’ap travay tou” he told HB. The band will definitely release before the end of the year 2021.

With Arly having the luxury of having a studio right at his finger tips in his basement, he is always working on new songs. However, there are no activities at the present moment that give any signs that the band is working on a new album to be released soon. However Maestro Arly Lariviere has stated on a FB live streaming, that he has enough songs to release whenever he feels like it. According to a source close to the band, the band might release one or two singles over the Summer or early Fall. As of now, don’t expect the band to release an album in 2021.

Gabel is in the songs selections phase. It means they have more songs needed to complete their album; they are selecting the best to make the cut. According to lead singer Flav, they will have a few surprises when the album is released. Most likely the release date will be around the Fall.

One of the most anticipated debut album for the HMI in a long time. With three top seasoned musicians leading the pack…Dener Ceide, Reginald Cange and Makarios Cesaire, most konpa fans are expecting a hit rather than a miss. ZAFEM completed its album since 2019, unfortunately everything was put on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The long delay gave Dener the opportunity to go back to the studio to perfect the most important work of his career. Look for a release, this Summer or early Fall.

Not only is the bands album ready, the band will release the album with 4 music videos all at once. Shabba is currently in New York shooting scenes for one of the videos. The band is also looking to make its debut in the States over the Summer, according to Shabba. The release date is set for July. Ekip seems to be ready to join the HMI championship.

Tvice is also hard at work to be on time for a late Summer or early Fall release. The band was already working on some songs, pre-pandemic. Therefore Tvice is very close to its final stage in the process. Roberto and Reynaldo seem very confident and content in what they are about to unleash.

This band has been through a lot over the past few years, the biggest blow is the loss of key player, Shabba. If Djakout was a basketball team, Shabba would be considered the point guard. Therefore, Djakout is fully aware that their next album might be a do or die situation. The general public is very skeptic about the future of the band. However, an insider very close to the band, has warned the skeptics that “Djakout pra’l leve defi a”. We”ll just have to wait and see. One of the bands member has told HB to expect the release definitely this Summer.

Zenglen is known to have many problems, but good music is never one of them. Maestro Brutus is alway one step ahead when it comes to productions. He works on his own timing not wait and see what other bands are doing. As soon as he is ready, Brutus will drop. He always says he is his own competition. It seems like Zenglen is eyeing a Summer release according to what Brutus has told a New York promoter.

With the bands confined at home for over a year, it seems most of the bands took advantage of the time off and headed to the studio in order to bring fresh materials to the fans as soon as the country fully reopens. With the exception of Enposib that took a gamble and released a successful album at the peak of the pandemic, most of the other bands had a wait and see attitude. The gamble paid off for Enposib because they are actually reaping the fruits.

The HMI may have 99 problems, but new music will not be one in 2021/2022.

(We will release a list of all the solo artists soon).

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