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Has DJ Stakz Been Dethroned as The King Of NY? Featured

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The Haitian King of New York seems to have turned into Haitian King of Florida.

The famous DJ out of New York who is proud of calling himself the King of New York has been missing in action as the country is starting to open up and the party calendar is starting to fill up; DJ Stakz appears to have settled camp in the State of Florida. One of the reasons for this turnaround for DJ Stakz is because he is no longer part of HKNY (Haitian King of New York), which is the name of the group that DJ Stakz used to operate under. it is made up of many  actives young New Yorkers and DJs known for organizing hip events in the New York entrertainment scene.  Speaking to DJ Stakz out of Florida, he did not hide the fact that he is no longer part of HKNY, but rather he has gone back to the original name of HPMG (High Profile Music Group).

Even though Stakz did not provide any further details as to the reasons behind this break up, speaking to a few members of HKNY, we were informed that the dispute stems over DJ Stakz’s selfishness…:”Stakz only cares about himself, but no one else” stated one of the members. Even though Ancy the owner of Chloe’s who is an integral part of HKNY’ refused to comment further on the situation, however someone who is close to him has told HB that Ancy was very frustrated about Stakz’s behavior within the group. The same source told HB, Ancy was basically the main investor pushing DJ Stakz’s brand HKNY) financially, he felt that DJ Stakz did not return the favor by not even helping him to push Chloe’s which HKNY has used as its headquarters. 

Speaking to HB, Ancy was not forthcoming, he did not want to admit that DJ Stakz was no longer part of HKNY, instead, he told HB that Stakz was just trying new things. But DJ Stakz made it clear that he had moved on and back to his original name..”no more HKNY, I’m back to the original High Profile, but Ill be back in New York starting Labor Day Weekend”. Explained DJ Stakz. He went on to explain that Florida was opened when New York was still shut, therefore forced him to take refuge in the state of Florida.

It seems like DJ Stakz has found a new home in Florida, even his annual Birthday Party has been move to Florida this year. With that void, it seems like many local New York DJs are looking to fill the void. Will there ever be reconciliation between DJ Stakz and HKNY? Only time will tell. In the meantime’ DJ Stakz joked to HB that he holds both belts as King of Florida and King of New York. As TonyMix is known as King of Haiti, one might wonder will there ever be a unified bouts where all 3 crowns will be on the line to be conquered by one man?

I report, you decide…

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