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One Huge Investment by One Klass Musician.

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When Richie informed his sax player Abdel Lafrance that he wanted him to practice

the song “Haiti” by Skah Shah so the band can add it to its repertoire in order to pay tribute to the legendary Skah Shah #1, he never expected his saxophone player to take it to that level.

Knowing how precious and important that song is to all konpa lovers, Abdel went beyond expectations by purchasing a saxophone that is worth nearly $40,000. The Selmer Mark VI brand has earned its place in history by being a great sounding and great playing breakthrough horn. It helps to mention that some of the greatest recorded sax music in the world was played on a Selmer Mark VI sax. This sax was produced in 1954-1981. This brand doesn’t come more prestigious than that. The Selmer Mark VI is probably the most played, revered, sought after, collectible and collected saxophone in history.

One can conclude that this was an investment made with no hopes of quick returns, it was made out of passion for the music. The whole band is proud and appreciate Abdel’s dedication to the band.

Next time you see Abdel at the clubs, take a selfie with him along that piece of history.

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