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Innovation is the ability to change as we evolve but

consistency is a virtue. This new album is a true testament of that fact.

Regle zafèm (Taking care of business)

The fan base is what got Tvice where they are and they’re rewarding their base with a high octane, uptempo and no mercy song. The South Asian intro leads Roberto and his gang to a cascade of rhythm. As always, Tvice and company stay true to konpa Direk. The two guitar grooves on this track facilitate the rhythmic grooves the creator well intended of this music genre. I have this track on repeat. Masterfully done!

Sou lis (On the list)

This song is carefully crafted to please everyone. I adore the sensibility of the lyrics. The trademark of the Roberto guitar licks is so refreshing and it becomes a Tvice trademark. The two guitar still emerge this tune with harmonic rhythm. Reynaldo is naturally virtuosic with key segments. Kanis has brought something that bonded so well with the orchestration of this song. Superb!

Kite’m montre’w (Let me show you)

If you haven’t seen that video which is too hot handle, please do because Ms. Physillia Ross has delivered her Rhythm and blues cosmic voice on a diamond platter to tvice fans and hers. Roberto isn’t shy either by exploiting the moment to show to all that he’s a leading man to reckoned with. I wish there was something defeatist that I could say to please the no sayers, but there’s none available. Characteristically
well executed Vice la!

Se Ian’s jere’l la (that’s how you manage)

I would have titled this album with that song. This one has a great message, great orchestration and catchy chorus. This message goes to the unintelligent ones who are doing free advertising for clothing designers. That being said,
Tvice is one of the grooviest band on the market. When the guitar grooves begin to surface, one can’t help but to getting up and moves along. The feast on the keyboard followed by the both guitars, it’s a respectable to konpa direk. Bravo!

Kado sakre (Sacred gift)

Let me guess, this young vocalist Patrick Herreaux has taken this love song to almost obsession considering the warmth and coherent of the lyrics. This song can be also titled :”ADDICTED”. Patrick has no hesitation delivering this song to the public at large not just Tvice fans. Patrick is a keeper.The chorus is firmly concise to get a crowd to sing along. This song has all the ingredients of a hit song. The touches of the quiet Reynaldo makes melomanes like myself a true believer of his undisputed talent. I am loving it! Bravo Tvice and Tchoukito!

Renmen rete (Love still reigns)

Another one! That’s back to back from sacred gift to love still reigns. The duet of the veteran Michel Martelly and Roberto transcend some cosmic melodies that Reynaldo extend to another universe of harmonic music. It’s eclectic to say the least. This is the second hit songs of this album that I declare nonchalantly as I see fit. This is remarkably extraordinary because I have not heard so far any zouk or Afrobeat by Tvice. Kudos to you guys. This proves Tvice knows how to keep it real! Masterfully done!

Tou pam (My turn)

A love song has always a way to fringe into someone likeness due to words and melody. Roberto is no doubt a commander in chief of Tvice with his embedded voice from their birth to present. The keyboard segments and studio sequences of Reynaldo makes life easier for their endeavors.This is a mid-tempo song that is volatile and choreographed to meet the taste of the public. This is solid as a rock.

Ki yo ki diw sa (who told you that)

The intro by Roberto invites Vanito to contribute to the song. Vanito has definitely embellished this track. And before the wicked licks of the guitar, that chorus serves as a bridge to complete a formidable song. This catchy chorus will enthuse a crowd. As I am embarking to a longer dance time the guitar says al chita. Anyway, this song is suited to make everyone dance.

Tizè’w (Your teaser)

Here’s comes the young hit maker Mikaben. This song has some reggae flares that Mikaben is known for. This song is vibrant orchestrated by a melange of konpa direk/zouk. With some remix in the near future, this song can and will conquer the public. This one needs to be promoted to meet the challenges ahead. This song diversifies this album. Nicely done!

Nan bra’m (In my arms)

This one is calibrated to be mellow and tender. By comparison to other songs on this album, this one brought calmness and harmony for a closeness.
The sweet melody makes this love song a love nesting for two love birds. Executed with balance and dexterity.

Nou gen poun ale a(we are in transit)

If you have the taste for Rabòday, Gdoloh is here to entertain the rabòday audience. I don’t care who you’re, if you’re listening, you will get up and dance or shake your head or tap your feet. While dancing or shaking heads, the message is clear. No one lives forever no matter how much wealth one possesses, one can’t take it down six feet under. Great job Tvice!

In closing, this album is what consistency means to be. Furthermore,
one has to respect the mantra of this group. Their demeanor, their savior-faire lead them from turbulence to calm to a venture of success.

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