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If the first time one doesn’t succeed, one should try

again. So this time around this album “Jijem” is nothing short but a success.

Jije’m (Judge me)
This song is a true testament to a well-defined concept of a hit song. It has the flavor and voluptuous melodies that define balance, cadence, sensuality, and orchestration. RC from the start, embedded his voice with such authority that the band has no choice but to follow harmoniously. Marvelous!

Ou pa pou mwen (you’re not mine)
Going from jije’m to ou pa pou mwen, I sense some Shabba-ish in the chorus more specifically in: “mwen pa dakò”. Don’t be naive. That doesn’t mean the song isn’t solid. Kai primes itself as a band to be reckoned with. The freshness and the simplicity of “Ou pa pou mwen” make my playlists. Kai is definitely on its way to create havoc in the Haitian music scene with this groovy album.

Abize’m (Abuse me)
I believe the thought process for this song was put together in the middle of the night. I like the crossover of "Bell Biv Devoe" melody which is used as a bridge to harmoniously connect the rest of the song. The subtle vibe of the keyboard is bold and sensible. The ice on the cake is the lick of the guitar segment. It’s beautifully collaborated and well-orchestrated. That's a great song.

Moun tout moun (One for all)
This mid-tempo konpa is equipped with all the ingredients to fully attract all partygoers. The collaboration of Masterbrain truly cadences this konpa song without any hiccups but the lasting effect of a great song isn’t there for me. That being said, the grooves and the balance are well put together to fulfill the fabric of this album. Lyrically, if the shoe was on the other foot, names would be given to our female counterparts. I am just saying.

Toutouni (Naked)
Awe… this one can be sad as a love story but for konpa lovers, it’s "gouyad" as ever. The cascade of sweet melody is all over this song, from the acoustic guitar to the electric one, plus the touches of the keyboard solidly carry the song to the end. RC proves to be a commander in chief of his band. Well done!

Koupab (Guilty)
This is the song that will solidify Kai and RC for years to come. The duet is remarkably sensational. Although, that song resembles just a bit of Cancer. Nonetheless, Bedjine brought sunshine and electricity to the song. She’s formidably talented. RC has found his niche as a leading man that he was always seeking to accomplish. He is indisputably proven to be the anchor of a quality band like Kai. The hard work always pays off. This is what a hit song is made up of grits, flavor, color, and an everlasting chorus for the fans.

La ri a pa bon (The street is dangerous)
If rabòday is your cup of tea, this volatile song should do it for you. Let me tell you, this is a really hot song that can bring the dead back to life. The collaboration by AndyBeatz is flavorful. This is the song to keep a crowd jumping up and down especially where there’s a crowd of youths on site. I am on board for that "Rabòday", spicy hot! Nicely done.

Spesyal (Special)
After the above rabòday, this mellow sensual song brought some serenity and cooling to the dance floor. I do like the tenderness and the guaranteed motion that makes one pause and listen to the lyrics. Cool song.

Touche’w ( Touch you)
This soft Afro-beat song is that kind of song that creates a picture in someone’s head and won’t let go. It’s a lovebird's song that activates the memories of the past and makes tears rolling down faces or falls into a depression of love. It’s voluptuous and sexy. The Afro-beat is not konpa but I can dig it.

Pa ret sou mwen (Don’t tread on me)
Finally, I can hear the sound of the horn sections that make konpa Direk a great music genre. The grooves of the guitars and the true rhythm of great konpa direk. Kai just added to my hope that konpa direk isn’t going anywhere. Konpa is here to stay! This is a great composition that also supports a superb orchestration by the band. Bravo!

 Nou pa moun Ankò (We're no longer humans)
This song strikes a nerve that makes me or any Haitian in a position of power to shame oneself, considering the dire situation of our homeland. Nonetheless, this song is memorable. The lyrics are well depicted to describe the everyday wrongdoers and the maliciousness of our people. Folks, don’t let the lyrics fool you. This song is well scripted with great rhythmic arrangements. The beautiful solo by the guitar player; and the touches of the piano that ends the song; charmed and characterized it. This is a magnificent song. To me, this is a quiet hit song that Mélomanes like myself will always cherish. Bravo!!!

Thank you Richard Cave and Kai for the mountain of work delivered on this album. The splendid inspiration on this album will pave the way to a respectful future. You have been sincerely amazing on this album. A job well done!

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