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It takes some ingenuity and musical acumen to put a great team together. Does Ekip meet that threshold? Let’s dig in.

Tout tafia se dlo (All liquor is water)

This is a great start as an opening song. Except for the horn section that is to my hearing pleasure is subpar. That being said, the vibrant equilibrium of this uptempo orchestration from the chorus to the guitar solo, the touches on the keyboard, and the banging bass plays, it’s a total joy. Ekip has brought turbulence in the latest albums outing in the HMI. Magnifique!

Ze Fele (cracked egg)

This is a sweet and melodic song for young lovers. The level of maturity of D-Perfect is slowly taking shape in the band. The rhythm of the two guitars, the bass player firmly confirmed the skillfulness of the band. That young keyboard player Obed is making his marks with such inspiration that he reminds me of "Nicky Harmonik". Great song!

Nou kit (We’re done)

Steve Khe is finding his niche with Ekip. He’s not new to that type of song. Luckily, he has a group of musicians who are ready to help him overcome what’s ahead. However, this song is a rebirth of the Steve Khe of the Djakout days. There’s more work to be done. Steve Khe reveals vocally so much of Polo Dola and now Djakout #1. I say it as I hear it. Maybe I am wrong.

Meli Melo (Melange)

This track has a sweet zouk rhythm to it where the rapper/singer Shabba overtly delivers a solid tune to dance to the last note. The body of this song is fully captivated by the listening audience. The guitar segment is on point. These young Ekip musicians are ready to imprint their influence on our musical culture. Nicely done Ekip!

Back in the Game (Nou tounen nan jwèt la)

I have a big issue with the title of this song for this album. First, this song is the song that fragmented the HMI wall for Ekip. That's how a hit song is supposed to be formatted. That song is vibrant, rhythmic, harmonious, and vividly uptempo which can make a crowd jump up and down. However, listening to the lyrics and the rap version, it's all about Shabba and Shabba alone. A Shabba single may have been the way to go. Ekip is new in the game, so they can't be back to something they never have been in. Sadly, this track is so good that I can't stop playing it. Moreover, next time Shabba should think about the team he puts together for the betterment of his team: Ekip. It's a Magnificent track!

Mpa Panike( I don't panic)

What a beautiful song! Although, the orchestration of this song is superb, nonetheless, I can't stop listening Polo through the song. Is it me? The brilliance of that female artist's voice is refreshing and soothing my listening emotions. Love it!

Plis Lanmou (More Love)

A love song always finds its way into our mist. The invited artist Oswald sensibly delivers his love message with the help of Shabibi. The band lucidly conducts the orchestration without hiccups. it's all subtle, no exaggeration, just a sweet mellow harmonic song to please all. Tèt kole all the way.


This one is a reminder of Ti Joceline of Daniel Lariviere in troubadour but with a faster space. Steve khe is Steve khe on this track, no influence of Polo at all. That's how it is supposed to be done. The great thing about our konpa direk, a song may have a different rhythm but the dexterity of our musicians can reproduce it and make it rhythmically kompa direk. Great tune Ekip!

Ou Paka Menaj Mwen( You're my sidekick not my wife)

The intro is superbly curtailed with D-Perfect voice. The arrangement of the keyboard on this zouk/konpa love is quite perfect for D-Perfect to deliver his adultery message. This young vocalist is one to keep an eye on because the talent has a span of a lifetime. Once, he acquires the leading man skillset to lead Ekip, watch out world.

Kòkòt a Figaro(Two lovers)

Not all love story is superficial. And not all love stories that birth well and end well. The voice of Steve Khe doesn't flunk the vocal test. He brings shrewdness and total recognition of his talent who charms his fans and brings over the Djakout fans who fell in love with him. I still from time to time hear some Polo in his delivery, maybe it's natural for him but the truth must be told. This song has the potential to be a more connected tune for an audience if they go back and rework it.

Ou pa may(You don't care)

This is not an African band but it's an adaptation of an Afrobeat that is going to spin on its head to a konpa track right after the bridge of the song. Don't be fooled by the format of any foreign music genre because sooner than later, the konpa direk will take full possession of the song. The delivery of the lyrics by D-Perfect can make one think it is an African band but Shabba isn't too far to make one think otherwise. Shabba is truly multi-talented. This is a very highly rhythmic tune that can satisfy all age segments. Nicely done!


If a song on this album is to find its echelon, it's Bingo. It's smooth and frankly smooth. This is a well-balanced combination of a silky Zouk and konpa love. Steve Khe opens his arm to greet his fans with an immaculate delivery that perforated an audience with a thirst for good music and sound. This song has what it takes to extend the warmth of Ekip. Bravo Ekip!

Je vais t'aimer( I'm going to love you)

Another afrobeat sound that is cool and danceable. Ekip doesn't deceive his fans. The orchestration is flawless. This is a strict studio-made song. It's short but aggressively sweet.

Fo dada (Fake Ass)

The intro almost ventures into a salsa track until Shabba and TonyMix begin to spread the Rabòday like no other. I like it because it can make anyone get up and shake that ass. The lyrics are funny as well!


I am a sucker for a duet. D-Perfect and her counterpart female artist embark on a very warm song. They make one feel loved and needed in a passionate moment of solitude. If someone used to be in a relationship that is coherent and passive, this is a song for you. It's beautifully done.

Ekip is indeed new to the market. So don't be fooled by their youth as long as they stick to their formula. An album with fifteen solid songs is a great start to extend their horizons. However, to make that splash, togetherness and egoless must be preached and practiced within the band.

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